Can Chlorine in Pool Water Cause Hair Loss?

It is indeed a potential question of whether chlorinated pool water can cause hair loss especially when you are crazy about spending time in pool in the summer. The question becomes more relevant for professional swimmers and swimming hobbyists.

The ultimate answer is no or not exactly. In fact, it is commonly known that chlorine as a corrosive chemical has bad effects on health and sometimes dangerous for your health. The chemical eventually contains oxidizing impacts that are not good especially for your eyes and skin. It has the potential of causing irritation and dryness when you expose yourself extensively to its hypochlorous acid.

The hypochlorous acid is a substance that is formed by chlorine which penetrates the cells and can destroy the cells. Eventually, too much chlorine can potentially harm the eye, skin, and hair as well.However, when it comes to hair loss because of chlorinated pool water, it is obviously a misconception. It has been already proved by various researchers that normal and recommended chlorinated pool water does not any cause hair loss except making your skull as well as hair dry- see this report.

What Exactly are the Dangers of Chlorinated Pool Water?

The chlorine is essential especially in pool water as it kills the bacteria and keeps the water clean and safe. On the contrary, a high level of chlorine may have an undesirable harmful effect on your health, especially on your eyes and skin. However, this harmful effect may not seriously impact your hair but since it can dry your skull it may result in unhealthy hair. You may feel your hair brittle and dry.

Most people both men and women who suffer from Androgenic alopecia (in men) and FPHL (Female Pattern Hair Loss) among women often fear chlorine and blame chlorinated pool water for their genetic hair loss.

At one hand, swimming in a pool will never lead to pattern baldness but on the other hand, it can detract your rest of the hair from getting a good hair-health. Excessive use of chlorine in the pool water, however, may lead to temporary hair loss. Doctors recommends to take natural hair growth supplements to avoid any lack of vitamins and mineral that leads to hair loss.

Here are some possible bad effects or dangers of excessive exposure to chlorine:

  • You may lose the shine as well as flexibility in your hair: Your hair is covered by natural oil which protects your hair,and which ultimately shines. When your hair comes into direct contact of chlorine extensively for a long time, the chlorine can strip the oil content of your hair. Eventually, your hair weakens with brittle strands without the content of natural oil. Finally, it breaks and gets prone to various types of damages if you continue to soak your hair in pool water for a long time. You may even develop lifeless hair and limp if you do not address the issue appropriately.
  • Your hair may have damaged strands and split ends: Too much of chlorine in the pool water especially the hypochlorous acid can get into the hair fibres and can start damaging the cells. In this process, this chemical can crystallise the hair shaft and potentially damage the hair from inside structurally. As a result, your hair can have split ends, develop strands and appear rough.
  • You may result in premature ageing skin: As you expose yourself for a long time in the chlorinated pool water, the chemical can get into your skin with the help of open pores. Eventually, this process if not addressed early, can damage your skin leading to prematurely ageing skin. Secondly, your skin has natural oil which protects the skin and keeps it supple. The natural oil also does not allow the skin to be dry and prevents from the crack.

Too much exposure to chlorine damages the natural oil from the skin leading to lines and wrinkles over the skin. Above all, you must take adequate precautions if you have a sensitive skin. Your sensitive skin can develop the flaky and dry condition if you spend a long time in over-chlorinated water in the pool.

  • While killing the harmful bacteria, the chlorine can also kill good bacteria: Chlorine is useful and essential especially for use in the pool water because it has the property to kill the bacteria in the water. This chemical keeps the water clean and safe. However, since it has the property to kill the bacteria it kills both the harmful bacteria as well as good bacteria in your body. Some studies also claim that too much chlorine in the pool water also destroys fatty acids and vitamin E of your body that are important and essential for your health.
  • Excessive chlorine can have cancer risks: As everybody knows that chlorine in the drinking water can lead to the risk of getting bowel, bladder and breast cancer. Some studies claim that pool water with too much chlorine ultimately contains a much higher quantity of hypochlorous acid than the drinking water. Eventually, this chemical can result in malignant melanoma.

To Conclude

High level of chlorine in the pool water or getting into the pool soon after the process of chlorination is inevitably bad for health. This can potentially damage your hair-health besides other harmful effects.

On the other hand, chlorination of pool water is essential to make it clean, bacteria-free and safe for your family. Therefore, you need to make sure that the water in the pool is not over-chlorinated and have been shut for sufficient time after chlorination.

Secondly, take some necessary precautions such as washing or soaking your hair in freshwater before getting into the pool, washing the hair with shampoo sufficiently after swimming to protect your hair as well as skin and eye from the harmful effects of chlorine.   

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