Best Treks in Nepal for all travelers

Are you thinking of mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, and a peaceful environment? If you are longing to be close to these features of Mother Nature, get yourself ready for some trekking memories. Nepal mostly known for its massive mountains is one of the world’s best destinations for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and camping. One can easily get lost in the deeply forested trails with a sound of air and birds chirping and rivers roaring as a companion while trekking in Nepal. Nepal’s trekking trails are convenient for all age groups of people. One can explore these trails all alone or with a family or with a companion without being bored for a second. There are some complex trekking trails in Nepal too but in this article, we are highlighting only the easy or moderate trails suitable for all travelers.

Everest Base Camp Trek, one of the best treks in Nepal for all travelers welcomes a large number of trekkers every year. The excellent natural beauty of the Everest region is simply spectacular and its authentic Himalayan culture is fascinating to explore. One thinking to make a trip to EBC can do this trek alone but one can also trek to Everest Base Camp Trek without any hassle with the help of a trekking operator. Nevertheless, however you choose to discover this part of the world, only delight will be bequeathed to you.

Another beautiful destination for trekking in Nepal for all travelers is Annapurna Base Camp trek. The journey of ABC is splendid and perfect for any age group of people because it begins gradually from lower height to high altitude. Hence, travelers can enjoy the essence of lush forests and deep valleys steadily and approach the base camp of the giant Annapurna range without much glitch. Similarly, the cultural dimension of this region is truly incredible to explore as well.

Additionally, Langtang valley trek is another best trek in Nepal for all travelers as it is short and nearest trekking trails from the main city i.e. Kathmandu. Langtang is popular for its large numbers of glaciers, stunning landscapes, indigenous Tamang culture, lakes, and of course the elegant mountains. Although the trails are close to Kathmandu, the beginning of the journey includes experiencing a daunting bus journey through the cliffs over the deep crevasses. This destination is claimed off the beaten treks in Nepal which has been stupendously appreciated by past voyagers.

Along the same lines, another wonderful journey for all travelers in Nepal is a short hike to Poon Hill. Poon Hill is a popular vantage to watch the golden sunrise over the Annapurna range and layers of overlapping lush hills. The journey only goes over 3200m above sea level which is an average and comfortable height for short trekking. Besides, the destination is quite famous for family holiday, honeymoon, and as a destination for mountain photography.

Last but not the least, Upper Mustang Trek is another best trek for all travelers. The journey goes through the remote yet enchanting village’s enclave in Tibetan cultures. And not to forget the scenery of this region, arid desert-like canyons to the fabled walled city of Mustang is splendid. White snow peaks, barren brown and yellow eroded cliffs, and red-walled gompas, medieval-style villages, and Tibetan monasteries are likewise spectacular highlights of Upper Mustang Trek.

In conclusion, Nepal is one of those countries where one can trek for weeks beneath a skyline of soaring Himalayan peaks safe and sound. So, plan out an adventurous journey for yourself or with a family. Either way, a trip to Nepal is full of lively experiences that one can cherish for a lifetime.

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