Best Gifts to Show Your Employees You Value Them


At this point in time, employees usually start looking forward to year-end bonuses and, of course, the big Christmas party. Unfortunately, though, you may not be able to provide your employees with many of these treats that they have come to expect year after year. They’ll understand, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t leave them empty-handed. You can treat them to a variety of gifts and experiences, even if they are scattered around the country working from home. You just need to use this list: 


One of the best, easiest, and hands down cheapest gift you can give to your employee to show them that you value them is to recognize their efforts and to even share your accomplishments with the rest of your team. It doesn’t matter how small, either. If they landed their first client, reward them. If they just finished their part-time degree that will end up helping you in the long run, congratulate them. All you need is to keep track of what they are doing and recognize milestones and make them heard. You paying attention is the best foundation. 

Pay Increase or Bonus 

This is tricky because you don’t want to go too overboard where your overhead becomes unfeasible and difficult to make a profit, but monetary increases are essential. If you cannot afford pay increases beyond the inflation rate, offer bonuses when you can or when they pass a certain milestone. By offering these rewards, you will encourage your employees to stay with you for longer. 

Gift Cards 

Gift cards may not seem very inspired, but that’s just because many people get them without thinking it entirely through. It isn’t enough to get just a gift card to Amazon so that they can get things for around the house. You need to make it fun. There are many restaurants and food companies that offer gift cards from Gifts Vouchers that you can present to your employees. You can treat them to the great meal that you cannot host yourself. 

Other options include trips away of their own choosing with a hotel gift card or with a spa gift card. These are the sort of luxurious options that your employees will truly love, and will make them excited for a single letter in their mailbox from you nearing Christmas. 

Gift Baskets 

Gift baskets are another great way to reward your employees, especially if a themed holiday is coming up soon. Even if that gift basket is more like a carefully packed box of items, it’s fun, it’s how you can celebrate the holiday with your employees, and it shows you thought of them. 

Gift Experiences 

Finally, get vouchers for experiences. It could be a class, a dinner out, or even a night at a hotel or an afternoon at a spa. There are so many experiences that are easy to figure into your budget, and that don’t even have to cost you a lot, allowing you to reward your employees with great memories and treats.

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