Aries Weekly Horoscope 20th – 26th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles already in a serious relationship will want to take their commitments to the next level by getting married as soon as possible. However, for some reason or the other, the event will get delayed. They will need to wait patiently to get married until planetary influences are slightly more favorable. Your relationship equations with people within your family and those with whom you are close, will remain on a beautiful note. You will be able to spend a very pleasant time with your family during this week. Try to control your temper and don’t get into futile arguments with people.


This is going to be an excellent week as far as academics is concerned. Students pursuing graduation in arts or commerce will be very focused and concentrated upon their studies. They will be able to learn and memorize what is necessary very quickly. Their progress will be very satisfactory. Students pursuing post-graduation will be on a lookout for a part time assignment. This will help them to pay for their fees as well as have some spare money for their pocket expenses. Despite the part time assignment, they will be able to devote more than enough time for studies. Their progress will be excellent as well.


You will need to take extreme precautions with regards to your health and fitness. There is a distinct probability that you will suffer from a major illness. You will also need to be careful about viral infections. Refrain from eating junk food and avoid visiting overly crowded or overly polluted places. Always eat freshly prepared food and keep yourself adequately hydrated. Take all possible steps to keep yourself healthy. You could also get injured on the upper part of your body. Consider joining a gym or a health club near you for light cardiovascular exercises every morning. This will help you keep fit throughout the week.


The week seems to be very promising as far as matters of finance and money are concerned. You will have an opportunity to gain a major financial gain during this week. You will be presented with several opportunities to gain a substantial amount money during this time. The mighty Sun seems to enter Libra and moves through the second house accompanied by Mercury. This is not very good news. You should be on the lookout for generating new avenues for increasing your financial inflow. No major expenses are foreseen for you during this period. Your overall financial position will remain very stable throughout the week.


The week seems to be a moderately good one for matters pertaining to your career growth and business. Businessmen will have an intense desire to strike a hugely profitable deal. They will get an opportunity to conclude such a deal around midweek. The negotiations for the same will be successful. However, there is one thing they will need to take care of. They will need to ensure that the goods they deliver are delivered on time. Salaried employees will be under constant pressure from their superiors to deliver more work output. They will have a very difficult time complying with the orders of their superiors.

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