Aries Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles are going to fall in love with a new acquaintance of the opposite sex. Both will be mutually attracted towards each other with their affirmative gestures! After some hesitation, they will want to meet at a convenient place and time to express their feelings more appropriately. A beautiful relationship begins! The week is not going to be very favorable for married couples. They will not feel very comfortable with their spouse for some reason or the other. It will be best to remain patient and give each other enough time and space. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this situation, as of now.


This week is going to yield mixed fruits for students. Student pursuing graduation will remain distracted with unimportant matters. As a result, they will not be able to devote enough time for studies. This will certainly have an adverse effect over their progress. Students pursuing higher education will be able to find a part time job or assignment. This job will satisfy their financial needs to a certain extent. Despite the job, they will be able to devote enough time for sincere studies. They will learn and memorize very effectively. As a result, their progress will be very satisfactory. Students are to keep academics as their top priority.


This week calls for being cautious with regards to matters pertaining to your health and fitness. Mars, the ruler of your sign, is having a strong influence. This is not very good news. There is a strong probability of getting injured on the upper part of your body. Be careful in this regard. You will also need to closely monitor your blood pressure levels. As soon as you experience any symptoms of physical discomfort, we advise you to visit your physician immediately. Regular and detailed body checkups will certainly keep everything under control and avoid future complications. Light exercises in the morning will certainly help to keep fit.


What an excellent week this is for matters pertaining to your finance and money! Your financial position will remain rock-solid throughout the week. No major expenses are envisaged for you during this period. There is a distinct possibility of your personal habitual expenses increasing. Do not take your financial situation for granted and spend on exorbitant paraphernalia that you do not require. You are advised to keep an eye over your financial outflow and a tight leash over your unwanted expenses. You will be able to manage all your routine and incidental expenses very comfortably. Try to save money for the safety of the future of your loved ones.


This week is going to be a test of your nerves as far as your career growth and business are concerned. Businessmen will keep working hard but will not be able to attain any major breakthrough. This is because of three major planets influencing negatively. Think of this week as a challenge! Try to restructure your policies and mend any loopholes in your business. Salaried employees will be under constant mental pressure from their immediate bosses to improve their performance and deliver more quality output. It will not be easy to live up to their expectations. Perseverance and hard work will certainly bear sweet fruits in the future!

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