Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

You might be pressured by your loved one. Your commitment to the relationship might be questioned. The relationship might be taken to the next level; perhaps marriage. However, the marriage may be delayed until your financial status improves. In the regards to the marriage, your partner may seem much more eager than you. The married couple must maintain the connection with each other for a healthy relationship. You must keep each other cheerful in order to make this relationship work. A deep understanding between the couple will be essential for a satisfying marital life. You must not ignore any kind of family issues. The effort to understand each other will be much more effective than trying to win the arguments.


A graduation candidate, in the field of Science or IT, might have concentration problems. However. minor efforts will bring positive results. You must devote enough time to studies to bear positive results. A student doing higher education may not be able to give enough time to studies. As a result, your learning process might slow down. Thus, your academic progress seems to get affected.


A look at the current planetary movement shows that you must remain careful about your health. You must not neglect even minor health issues. If required, then you must visit a specialist. Thus, a prescription might lighten up the health issues. If such a visit is not necessary, then you must take precautions for your own health which may benefit from worsening your health condition.


Things may not look that great in regard to your financial matters, However, your income will remain stable. This might be the result of your careful nature towards your finance management. Thus, you must discriminate well between the important and the unnecessary finances. This will keep your finances quite steady for the long run.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that you might need to travel for business matters. Thus, you must take care of yourself to have a successful business trip. As a result, you will have positive results. This will charge your spirits high which will encourage to be much more productive than before. You must make efforts to reach out to potential clients. As an employee, you might be stressed because of heavy workload on your shoulders. You might have to commit yourself for extended hours in order to get a productive output. Thus, you must take care of yourself during this stressful period. Keep yourself hydrated enough to focus on your mental health.

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