Activists block Warsaw street against government inaction

Polish police carry protesting environmentalists to the side to clear passage down one of Warsaw's main streets in Warsaw, Poland, Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. The Polish chapter of the international environmental group Extinction Rebellion blocked the street to spur the government into better protection of the environment, in a second such action in two days, in Warsaw.

A few hundred Polish climate activists blocked traffic in downtown Warsaw Monday to spur the government into better protection of the environment.

It was the second action since Saturday by Poland’s chapter of the international Extinction Rebellion climate protection group that says world leaders are not doing enough to counter climate change.

With chants and banners saying “We are Rebelling in Order to Live,” the group blocked a major street in downtown Warsaw holding up morning traffic. The police checked their documents and carried them to the side to clear the way.

Largely powered by coal, Poland has some of Europe’s worst quality air. Also, water in many of its rivers and lakes is below the required quality standards.

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