A Letter to Every Ambitious Woman in Mid-20s


Dear Young and Ambitious Lady,

Even though the world is getting more interesting by the day, it has also become a more dangerous place for us. But it would help if you never focused on the negatives; your attention must be only on the positive and optimistic sides of life. You have an entire future and a whole world ahead of you. Do not procrastinate, and never be afraid to make a move.

At this moment, some think that you are too ambitious, and some will even tell you to reduce your energy level – never listen to them. Know that there is nothing terrible about you becoming passionate about your dreams and working towards them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and that is one message you must never forget. Here is a letter from my heart to you, digest every single word.

You have taken it upon yourself to reach for the stars and that you are not going to wait on luck. I tell you, you have started well, and that is the way to go. Now that you have decided, you need to remain focused on the path, and you must never let your eyes off the goal. Even though you may not be born in wealth or have all the connections you need now, you must realize that you will not achieve everything in one day. Hence, you must never lose hope and do not let your limitations define you in any way.
My dear young and ambitious woman, it is a dangerous world out there. As you think and strategize about your plans in life, you must avoid the same mistakes others have made. Stay away as far as possible from all kinds of toxic relationships. At this stage of your life, you do not need any relationship that will tear you down. It would be best if you directed all your energies into building yourself and your career. Do not waste your life on worthless romantic relationships, or else you will realize sooner or later that the world cares only about success and successful people. But you can only become successful if you learn to remain focused. Do not be like some other girls who wasted their lives spending all their time, resources, and energy on others who do not even care about them.

A time will come when you will be enveloped by fear and uncertainty. Yes, such times will come when you will begin to doubt yourself and your abilities. When such thoughts come, push them back immediately. Always tell yourself that you are intelligent, gifted, and super resourceful. Do not let any negative thoughts from yourself or even others get to you. Remember that all the waters in the world cannot sink a ship until it leaks in it. Never let hostile forces or horrible energy from others penetrate your psyche.

Remain steadfast and hardworking. Take your time to celebrate the little wins even if no success is too small. Every win is a step towards achieving your goal. When the time comes that you are tired or just feeling exhausted, take a break and rejuvenate. You can do this by going on a trip, by watching a movie, or by just meditating. Never forget to pamper yourself once in a while. Do not overwork yourself to the point where you break down or affect your health adversely.

Being ambitious is good, but you must realize that there will be challenges along the way. You have to be very cautious so that you do not become vulnerable. Trust your instinct and do not feel ashamed to say no when there is a need for it. While you work on your confidence and independence, also remember not to turn yourself into an island. Carefully form networks with a few people who are extremely useful to your goals.

Be deliberately conscious in your actions but do not be a jack of all trade and master of none. Learn to concentrate on your forces and resources so you can get real achievements. By trying to do too many projects simultaneously, you will stress yourself and achieve nothing at the end of it all, which will only add to the woes of failure.

My dear lady, there will be that time when you will plunge into failure but do not let that hold you back. Remember that failure does not signify the end of your ambition. It is only an indication that you are making attempts in the right direction. Always know that there can be no success without failure. So do not get unduly worried when you do not record victory in some of your attempts. Remain consistent in whatever you do as life itself is a journey.

In this game called life, you cannot win everything. You are going to win some, and you are going to lose some. Do not let this wear you down. Instead, let it teach you how you can focus on your greatest strengths. To get to the peak of your career and ambition, you will need a lot of discipline, focus and concentration. Go easy on yourself and do not over judge yourself, learn from the role models you have been following and above all, tell yourself that everything is going to be okay.

I wish you fantastic success and greatness in all you do, young woman.

Sincerely yours,

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