9 Tips to Grow your Online Audience as a Leader

If you wish to contribute to society, the best way to go forward is to impart knowledge. 

Here are steps that could help you get started with educating others online.

  1. Know your audience: You can’t teach Python to an art student. Knowing your target audience is crucial. It will help build better products, services, information, and knowledge for them if you know what they’re interested in. 
  2. Pick a Niche: Once you narrow down your crowd, you can bring your focus to just ‘one’ hurdle your audience faces. That is your niche. If you can solve a significant problem that your group has, you win. 
  3. Expand Your Brand: After fixing your niche and the audience, now it is the best time to develop your brand. Do you want to revolve your PR around yourself or the solution you are creating? 
  4. Social Signals: As a brand yourself, you’ll want to set up each of your social media sketches so that your brand works throughout the web. While each social media site has its character, yours should reveal through.
  5. Start Writing: Social media is not always about posting ‘perfect’ photographs of you and publishing quotes from famous people. If you want to grow your brand online, share your thoughts, ideas, and analysis through simple yet profound and well-researched articles. In this era of a pandemic, people have ample time to read new pieces. Grab this opportunity and start educating through writeups. 
  6. Make Videos: The Internet is cheap, and humans are wasting countless hours watching garbage online. Making “how to” and educational videos and posting them on Instagram and Youtube is an excellent way to position yourself as more of an authority. 
  7. Write eBooks: Once you get serious into writing, compile your articles, and publish it in the form of e-books. You never know how many people would benefit from it. 
  8. Go live:  Different Social Media platforms are now providing compelling opportunities to come live and communicate with your fans. You can build trust in your audience if you regularly come online on a ‘live video’ and answer their questions. Add a pinch of sarcasm and humor to keep the audience interested. You can become a positive ray of hope for many young aspiring leaders through simple messages. 
  9. Be Consistent: Developing yourself as a specialist is not a one-day thing. Just how businesses are structured, you should follow a timetable and keep evolving. Don’t take long breaks between your posts, live events, or articles. Each thing that you do will take you to the next crucial level, and before you know it, you’re positioned as an authority. 

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