7 Shopping Online Safety Tips During the Pandemic

When you’re trying to stay safe during the pandemic, it’s important that you follow some tips that help you shop online. People today are buying everything from groceries to household items on the web right now.

You need to learn ways to protect your information and your well-being when placing these orders.

Read below to use these shopping online safety tips.

1. Make Sure You’re On a Secure Platform

First and foremost, you need to make certain that you’re using a platform that is secure. One of the quickest and easiest ways to tell this is by looking at the URL on your screen.

If you see an “https” address rather than an “http”, this is an indicator that the site you’re using is secure.

You should also do business with a site that takes further precautions. For instance, many stores also use two-form authentication. This is a process that involves reaching out to you on a separate device or account to make sure that it’s you trying to process a purchase.

For instance, the online store might send a code to your cell phone or e-mail address to confirm that you’re the person making the purchase, rather than someone stealing your card number and trying to make a purchase.

When you do business with companies that take these measures you will always be safer as you shop.

2. Change Your Password Regularly

To make certain that your information is always secure, take the time to switch your password from time to time.

It’s especially important to routinely change your password if your payment information is automatically stored in your account. The last thing you would want is for someone to be able to log in and make a purchase on your account.

When you change your password, make sure that it’s a strong combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Alternate between uppercase and lowercase letters.

3. Sign Up for Alerts From Your Bank

Having control over your banking will make your online shopping so much safer. You can set up your bank to give you alerts whenever a purchase is made.

With many banks, you can automatically choose to decline or reverse the purchase as it happens. This gives you more autonomy over your account so that you can prevent bank fraud. Choose financial institutions that are diligent about protecting your information as well so that you’re less likely to have your credit card information compromised.

4. Be Careful About the E-Mails You Click

Today, phishing attacks are one of the most common forms of cybercrime.

These are attacks that trick you into clicking an item that takes you elsewhere or steals your information. You might get an e-mail from an account pretending to be an online store that you shop with.

When you click the e-mail, it’ll take you to a false online store that charges your car and steals your info when you go to make a purchase. This is another reason why it’s so important to double-check the site you’re using and make sure that it is secure, and that the URL is correct.

5. Work With Companies That Offer Stellar Customer Service

You’re more likely to have a safe and productive shopping process when the company you do business with also has great customer service. This way, you’ll have guidance and instruction for each transaction, and can also get help whenever something goes wrong.

Choose to do business with companies that are attentive to their customers’ needs and timely with their responses. Be particularly mindful about their refund policy and whether or not they have professionals about 24 hours a day to address your needs. You can check the best outlet online for every imaginable glow stick.

6. Research the Company’s Reputation

It’s easier to shop for clothing online when you have a company that you can trust. Take the time to look into the overall reputation of who you’re doing business with.

When the company has a solid reputation and is always transparent, you’ll be better able to trust the transactions to go through without issues. You can look up their reputation by checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Look around the web for reviews to see how customers rate them. Outside of scores and numbers, assess what customers say about the company’s site security and if they’ve ever had problems going through transactions.

7. Safely Accept the Delivery

Of course, you also need to look after your health in light of COVID-19. Research the company and learn what measures they are taking to stop the spread of the virus.

Pay careful attention to their delivery method and the way that your package will be handled. On the day of the delivery, make sure that you wear a mask and coordinate with the driver so that they can drop your item off without contact.

This is especially important when you’re ordering groceries since your personal shopper is more likely to come in contact with several people during the course of finding your items.

Use These Shopping Online Safety Tips

You’ll be able to get all of the items that you need when you follow some quality shopping online safety tips.

You have to look after your health, safety, and security in a COVID-19 world, and the points above will help you get started. Have a process for every order that you place and never cut corners.

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