7 Home maintenance tips for new homeowners


Buying a home is the investment of a lifetime and I am sure that you would not like to make this investment without proper maintenance and inspection of your home. Regular maintenance would imply that you won’t need costly repairs after some time and you can retain your home’s value in the market for a longer period. You have to do a lot of things for the maintenance of your new home. In this article, we will discuss some tips that will be helpful for you for the maintenance of your new home.

Prevent pest infestations 

It is very important to prevent pests, rodents from entering your new house. You can do this in two ways. First, trim the trees in your backyard or garden so they don’t touch the walls and roofs of your house. This is done to prevent rodents from entering the house. Second, get pest control done in your house before shifting. You must get the pest control done at regular intervals to keep you free from rodents and pests.

Hire professionals to get your work done

Just as you would hire a moving company for relocating to somewhere else. You hire a professional to get the work done smoothly, safely, and without any issues.

The same is the case with the maintenance of the house. To do any repairs in the house, hire professionals to do it, don’t just start by yourself. Your home is the investment that you made and it becomes your responsibility to take proper care of it. Although there is nothing wrong with doing the work by yourself, like you can change the switches, or paint the walls, or repair or change any broken or leaking pipes, hiring professionals to do this work would mean that the work can be done properly. And you won’t have to stress about it and can focus on other chores. Also, check on the drainage system, check for any leakages, and you can look for a maintenance company that is an expert in plumbing services.

Get your insurance policy as soon as you buy the house

Once you have bought the house, the next important thing is to get an insurance policy for the house. This is done to get a full claim in case of any damage or loss to the house. Your mortgage lender will also ask you to get the policy. In case other members of your family depend on you to pay the mortgage of the house, then you would also need a life insurance policy so they don’t face any problem after you.

Prior Inspection of the house

Prior inspection can help you cut costs on various maintenance and in making a budget. Before buying the house, you can go and visit the house to ensure that no heavy and costly maintenance awaits your attention. It is also important to make sure that the house has a long life without expensive maintenance and to ensure that everything is intact and without any major flaws. By doing so, you can take note of maintenance expenses that you need to incur after buying the house, and whether you will encounter any further costs or not.

Don’t plan to give your house a personal touch as soon as you move in

When you buy a new house you have already spent so much on your house and taxes, insurance, etc. Most of the people spend their savings on their new home and also borrow money from the banks to buy their home. For the first few days your expenses will also be very high because along with expenses on food, and grocery, you will have to spend on maintenance of the house, and bills, etc. Adding a personal touch to your home is tempting but this won’t be the right time to add this expense when already your expenses are going out of your budget. Spend some time in your new house, get comfortable with the surroundings, and when you think that your maintenance is complete, save money for some time and then you can spend it on giving your new house some personal touches.

Tax Returns

You may have been filing your taxes for the last so many years on your own and you don’t want to hire a professional to do that for you. One more reason behind this is that you don’t have enough money for this purpose or you don’t want to spend on a professional because your expenses are already touching the sky. But hiring an accountant for filing a tax return and making sure that you complete it correctly will make sure that you can maximize your refund. When you buy a new house, certain conditions or things change, so it’s better to get this task done by a professional accountant for some time, and after that, you can do it on your own. 

Know where the shutoffs are located

If there is any emergency at your residence, you may need to cut the power supply or water or gas supply. But what if you don’t know where these are located and how to shut them off, you will be in trouble. So when you buy your house, make sure you locate these points beforehand. You can do this on the day of the inspection itself. Locate the fire exit, and the points or places from where you will cut the supply of the three; water, electricity, and gas in case of an emergency. You must get the pest control done at regular intervals to keep you free from rodents and pests by a reputable specialist like Diamond Pest Control in London.

Buying a new home is a dream for many and when your dream comes true, don’t be so overwhelmed that you forget that becoming the owner of a house comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to take every decision very smartly and after doing a lot of calculations so that you don’t make any decisions that imperil your finances and put you at a risk.

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