5 Ways to Decorate Your Binder for Your First Day at School



If you are creative and fancy some fun, you will know that decoration for school supplies can be impressive. Just as it is with other platforms you use to exhibit your creativity, here is another opportunity to unleash your powers of imagination. 

A binder helps you keep papers arranged in the right place so that they won’t get lost. It also enables you to quickly find important information, like study guides, class schedules, and reading lists. Having an organized binder makes middle school life a lot easier! Today, let’s add creativity to binders, and as usual, in five different ways. 

Five Ways to Decorate Your Binder


One of the most elegant ways by which you can decorate them is to draw. You can make use of a marker, pencil, or even a biro. You do not have to be a genius artist before you can sketch. The essence of the design is to express yourself and be as creative as possible. 

Your design does not even have to be complicated. It can be simple messages of your favorite music track, your family name, or any humorous title. For those who are just unable to draw anything, you can get your selected photos printed, then trim them and fix them onto the binder and then do some simple pencil drawing all over the fixed image. It will not be different from a regular tracing done with a pencil or marker. 

Use Stickers

Here is an effortless technique you can use for the decoration of your binders. You can get an array of catchy and well-designed stickers from your local store, which you can stick on the binders. When you get the stickers, you can also be creative with how you fix them. You can stick them in the form of a shape or even your name. 

There is no limit to how artistic you can be with it. An interesting thing with these stickers is that you can choose the one that reflects your hobby. For example, if you like tennis, you can get cute tennis stickers to announce your passion for the game. Those who can make stickers on their own do not even need to buy from stores; they can easily do the stickers on their own. 

Using Your Photos

You can print out some of your nostalgic photos, have them redesigned, and then arrange it on your binder. Since you will use your images in this instance, make sure that you go for the most impressive ones. When others also see them, they will be able to connect instantly. 

Duct Tape Decoration

It is common to see school supplies covered with duct tape on every side; it is a design that has been in place for a long time. The same thing can be done to your binder. Get a duct tape of good quality and use it all over. In addition to all that has been said, you do not need to use plain duct tape either. You can select the most colorful ones and make use of them. You can add some paper tape to get more dramatic effects with the design. 

Collage Design 

Instead of just printing out your pictures and pasting them upon the binder, you can add a more artistic twist to everything. You can print out different photos of various colors and designs and then use them to form a collage. Here, you do not have to restrict yourself in any way when it comes to the kind of photos you are making use of for the collage design. From drawings to landscape photos to symbols, you are free to select as much as possible. 

However, you should go for the most engaging photos and mix them properly to form a pattern. It is also possible for you to spell out your brand or name with the images you are using to create the collage.


Your first day in school is an interesting one, indeed, and you do not have to make it monotonous. One thing you can do is to add some spice and excitement to the day. An exciting way by which you can get this done is to decorate your binder in the most artistic way possible. If you do it well and according to the guideline provided here, you will be the cynosure of all eyes in the school. 

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