5 Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 Crisis

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From connecting in our relationships to managing our entrepreneurship journey, the pandemic has transformed how we work, live, and socialize. 

The Covid-19 outbreak has disturbed the entrepreneurship web. In this article, NYK Daily wants to provide five best marketing strategies to implement in your business during the COVID crisis.

Here are five marketing strategies you can implement: 

Content Marketing: Social distancing is the buzz word in 2020. Even after the pandemic phase passes, the distance will stay with us. To tackle social distancing, many people turn to the internet to read. Research has shown a massive 193% increase in the number of daily online users in Europe. Invest in Content Marketing and educate your audience. They will trust you and buy from you only when they spend enough time with you. During the lockdown era, ‘spending enough time’ reading your articles/work is the same as spending time with you. 

Focus on Digital Campaigns: With the slowdown or shutdown of most product-based businesses, entrepreneurs rely more than ever on digital strategies. A significant dimension in brand marketing during this era and into the future will be shifting most of your operations. If you’re don’t know how to market during the COVID, consider using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and Instagram for Business to direct traffic to:

  • Well-researched and useful videos and blogs
  • Online goods with free shipping
  • Virtual services you can offer, whether that’s market lessons or online music classes
  • Gift cards that can be used anytime. 

That said, don’t be scared to stop campaigns that aren’t important right now, or that you think may turn your clients off.

During the Coronavirus era, part of brand marketing is knowing when to re-strategize and rotate, rather than staying with an ad campaign that will not resonate with-or even offends-your target audience.

Google My Business: Your clients and potential customers are counting on you for the freshest information about your firm. If you’re closing your office temporarily, whether you’re changing the hours you’re open or offering pickup right now, you need to let your clients know. Using Google Posts can be an excellent way to refresh costumers on everything from subdued working hours to gift card purchases. 

Don’t Stop Posting on Social Media: Even if you have to close your business, for the time being, stay active online. Customers look to your Linkedin, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter channels for the most up-to-date news. It looks awful to have old posts or information languishing on your social media pages.

Things that are worth sharing includes:

  1. Your concrete crisis management strategy
  2. Famous quotes or personal messages

Don’t share rumors: There is abundant misinformation circulating on social media, and it can be hazardous to give your clients the wrong advice (not to mention hugely crushing to your reputation).

Here’s an example of lousy marketing strategies for the Coronavirus crisis: A meditation center in Kyiv was closed down in April after complaints that the facility wasn’t following proper social-distancing. Not only that, but they sent out emails claiming that Christian Meditation can help prevent getting Coronavirus.

So map your management strategy out and think carefully before sending out that article to all of your devoted subscribers or repost anything you saw on your Twitter handle. Use only trusted sources for pandemic resources, like the World Health Organization (WHO) and credible news sources. 

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