4 Sagging Skin Treatments to Get Rid of Loose Skin Once and for All

You may start to notice the first signs of skin aging at 25 years old. Some other causes of aging skin can be due to being out in the sun for extended periods of time. Even being pregnant can cause the skin to sag in places you’re not used to.

If you are wondering how you can reduce your saggy skin, make sure to keep reading to learn about some of the best sagging skin treatments for you!

1. Cut Sugar

We have learned a lot about the effects of sugar on our bodies, and that too much can be a detriment to our skin. We don’t even realize how much sugar we consume in our day to day, so it’s important to keep track!

Sugar consumption causes glycation that actually breaks down the collagen in our bodies. If you didn’t know, collagen helps keep the structure to our skin. When collagen gets broken down, we lose the rigidness in our skin, causing it to become loose.

Cutting your sugar intake will prevent collagen from being weakened, keeping your skin looking fresh.

2. Facial Exercises

As you may know, when you work out your legs, you gain muscle strength. The same goes for your face.

Daily facial exercises can strengthen your muscles. This will keep your face toned and prevent loose skin. Smiling with the handle of a spoon is a great facial work out that will keep your muscles firm.

Remember that this is not an overnight process. You will have to continuously keep up these exercises to see your results.

3. Laser Lipolysis

If you are looking for a procedure that’s minimally invasive, then you could go for laser lipolysis.

This procedure involves using a laser fiber that is used under the skin. The laser targets the fatty cells. The cells will rupture, resulting in the draining of the fat.

You are given an oral sedative that will relax your face, so you’ll barely feel a thing. Your face will feel sore the next day, with some reddening, but the recovery process is quick.

Make sure you check this procedure out if you’re looking for long-lasting results.

4. Ultrasound Skin Tightening

This procedure is completely non-invasive. It uses ultrasound to penetrate the layers of the skin, heating up the cells that produce collagen.

The goal is to stimulate these cells to produce collagen quickly. This procedure is great for those who have minimal sagging in their face. Usually, only one treatment is needed, but depending on your desired results, you may need up to three sessions.

For those who want to avoid a surgical procedure, this is the treatment for you. You can go back to your daily activities the next day!

Find the Best Sagging Skin Treatments for You

There is a variety of sagging skin treatments you can pick from. We hope that this helps you narrow down your search for the best sagging skin treatment that will suit your needs!

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