3 Steps to Install ReplayTV Correctly

Do you want to record your favorite TV show because you missed the best part of it?

Sometimes, we wish to see a certain episode for more than once.

But either it is not available online or is in a very bad print.

To resolve this issue, ReplayTV is a very good solution.

You can record the TV program and enjoy seeing it anytime anywhere.

In this article, I will tell you what ReplayTV is and 3 steps to install ReplayTV correctly using Divitel.

So, let’s get started.

What is ReplayTV?

ReplayTV, also known as personal video recorderwas a brand of digital video recorder (DVR) which allows the user to record a TV program to internal hard disk storage for later viewing.

3 Steps to Install ReplayTV

ReplayTV is a meticulous system which has complex workflow containing different technology components like Load balancer, Middleware, Transcoder, Origin server, Storage, Video server, DRM, etc. All these components need to work correctly together to make ReplayTV work. Rather than deploying new features, functions or implementing other types of innovations, companies spend hours and hours in fixing problems.

Divitel is one such company that offers its resources and architectural services to make the installation, functionality and delivery of a ReplayTV system considerably easy.

Step 1: Customized Studies and Independent Report

Divitel will look at the process and architecture of the system, organizational behavior client or service issues, and operational problems of the Replay TV. Once the data is collected, an independent yet customized report will be prepared by Divitel. The report will be based on the study conducted by Divitel at your property. 

The report will tell you innovative solutions that can solve your problems. It will cover the following elements:

  • Data Sources
  • Topology and current workflows
  • Complete processing infrastructure, including screens, tools and data storage
  • Data audit and gap analysis
  • A study on the data storage
  • Project scope

Step 2: Deployment Plan and Execution

Once the report is compiled and discussed mutually, the team from Divitel will then prepare a deployment plan and execution strategy. Following areas will be covered under the deployment plan strategy:

  • Set high-level timelines
  • Clarify and modify the architectural blueprint
  • Decide the integration points to current data processing infrastructure
  • Identify additional needs for vendors/technology
  • Calculate CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Determine and find internal and external resources, vendors to take them into consideration while formulating a progressive project timeline
  • Estimate project timeline
  • Execution

Step 3: Operations and Executions

Divitel does not only execute plan but they also help by enabling the following:

  • Train and educate your staff on the use of the system
  • Troubleshooting problems that may arise post-execution
  • Provide assistance and guidance until you are good to go on your own
  • Manage your systems for you until you are ready enough to handle them yourselves
  • Provide additional guidance or training for your employees and staff

For more information or further assistance you can always reach out to the team at Divitel who will be able to assist you. So, do try Divitel for setting up ReplayTV.

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