10 Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know


Being a trendsetter means that you keep up with the latest in the fashion world. And you do it, “like a boss.”  That boss lady mentality inside you knows that accessories play a huge role. But even a fashionista hits a roadblock from time to time. Maybe you’ve been thinking about what goes with that brand-new turquoise retro style dress. What will compliment it? Can you imagine how many likes you would get on your ambassador Instagram? All you need to do is set the right tone. You can definitely achieve this with something subtle. You cleverly come up with a plan. That dress is going to pop with a  zodiac necklace. 

You’re legit. And so is your style. Just like the fashion world, you constantly change lanes. For the wolf pack to keep up with you, they better pay close attention. So, it’s time to check out some style tips that will kick your wardrobe up a notch. 

To be the ultimate game-changer, these 10 jewelry style tips are all you’ll ever need to know. After all, you’ve already got the look. This is the toolkit that you can share when someone asks for trendy advice.

 Your personality, attitude, and influence make you stand-out among the rest. Are you ready to show the world what it means to really be aesthetic?

Jewelry Style Tips

Fashion is forever evolving. But your latest outfit isn’t the only reason you’ll be turning heads. Your individual jewelry style defines you as the leader of the pack.

If you make one wrong move, you could end up looking like “who done it.” A careless mismatch could make or break you as an authority on high-fashion.

This is why you must know that  a zodiac necklace will enhance the right outfit, not clash with it.

 A way to “REPRESENT” who you are and what you have been about since day one!

It’s also a great way to help others when they ask you how in the world you achieve looking like a rock star every day. So let’s have a look at the 10 jewelry style tips that will make any girl look smart and chic.

1) Making Sure Your Bling Always Looks its Best

Always remember, you can be bold. Making a statement with jewelry is a lot easier than you think. Throughout the years, jewelry has continued to expand on the fashion scene. Decades of treasures that change as often as the wind blows. What’s in and what’s out can be hard to keep up with.

It can be challenging choosing between the massive statement necklace or the layered chains with stunning charms. The best way to figure out which style works, is to experiment.

Playing around with the jewelry and certain outfits will help you see what works. You could even invite some of your girlfriends over and see what they think. It’s good to have a visual. Remember, you already have a knack for starting new fads.

Regardless of what anyone else says, the decision is ultimately left up to you. So, just pick out a piece that defines your personal style. After all, you’re that ingenious trendy chick!

2) Show Off Your Style Spirit!

Every piece of jewelry that you own is significant.  Every accessory has a story. The meaning it has to you will depend on where it came from. Some may be gifts, such as family heirlooms. Others, you may find in a store and realize it’s the perfect accent to your outfit. Whatever the reason, the jewelry you wear suits YOU. 

So, what it really comes down to is your preference. Do you enjoy wearing an armful of bangles? Or, would you rather keep it simple with a zodiac necklace to represent your birth sign?

No matter what, your jewelry should bring you joy when wearing it. There’s no reason to stress, just have fun with it!

3) Keep it Chic!

Of course, there’s always a time and a place to add that wow factor to the latest craze in your closet. Depending on your plans, it could be full of glitz and bling. But it’s important to know when to keep it minimal. 

So, one way to be elegant and chic is in knowing when to tone it down. Just play it cool. For instance, if you see that your clothes already have a lot going on, then keep it sharp with minimalist jewelry.

Remember: A true fashionista knows how to keep it voguish no matter the price tag. The latest bracelet you rock will be all the rage with that little blue number you – no matter how much you put down for it!

4) Bring Life to Outfits with the Perfect Necklace!

It’s AWESOME to know that your outfit can rock the Cas-bah by adding something as subtle as a strand of pearls. Of course, you can even opt for that zodiac necklace that combines gold, diamond, & silver capturing the essence of you. Real beauty is who you are and you are beautiful. 

Clearly, the world of necklaces is vast. It’s a plethora of wide bibs and colorful beads. You can never run out of options. Keep in mind that the perfect necklace will draw deserved attention to your outfit. Inspiration can come in the smallest of packages!

5) Five Necklace-Wearing Ground Rules

These are the 5 keys to success when it comes to “Styling and profiling.”

  1. Layer up-  Mix it up with an array of shapes and lengths. You’re sure to look rocking. Just don’t overdo it. You definitely don’t want to look like your chains are throwing their weight around.
  2. Wide choker or bib = Statement maker – There’s no reason that you should wear any other accessories. You already sparkle!
  3. Open Necklines = Call to Action! – When you’re wearing the right v-neck tee, it’s going to highlight that beautiful zodiac necklace in ways other shirts can never do. Don’t you just hate when you’re wearing your favorite charm, and the scoop neck tee tucks it away? Talk about wasted statements!
  4. Length of Necklace Depends on Hemlines – The longer your dress or skirt is, the more your necklace should drape down. And of course, the shorter the hemline, the shorter the necklace should be. This is one way to make a lasting impression!
  5. You Know Your Tribe, But Do You Know Your Vibe? – Do you embrace your Boho side with that special touch you get from colorful beads? Or are you a little punk-rock doll with pretty silver chains dancing around your neck? Whatever impression you’re looking to make, the aura shows. That’s what a zodiac necklace is for – enhancing your aura and making a statement as unique as you!

6) Crank Up the IT Factor with Rings

It’s not the size of the rock that matters, it’s how you incorporate it to make a scene. Grab the attention of everyone you meet with David Yurman used rings.

Alluring stones and a hint of gold will entice. And for those of us who use our hands to talk, intrigue the listener in with your avant-garde statement.

7) Emphasis on Your Arms

Bracelets can add a little mystery. Of course, they can also add a special touch to an elegant outfit. No matter what, they’re going to take your latest style to new heights.

So, stack them up, or opt for that wide cuff you’ve been waiting for the right moment to show off. Your personality will radiate to onlookers.

8) Call Me Old Fashioned but… Brooches!

I know, I know. Great-grandma Dolly sure did love them. So much so, that she made it clear that they were to be passed down for generations to come. But don’t think that old school relic has lost its flavor.

This most basic of outfits will thrive with this small accent. And in case you’re wondering, it won’t take away from your favorite zodiac necklace. Together or alone, they will improve any outfit.

9) Contour Your Face with Earrings

Truly it’s one of the most important accents. It defines individuality that reigns in the world of high-fashion. Get the classic feel with vanilla studs and your zodiac necklace. Or, show off the spice in your life with those large hoops that never cease to impress. Truly, the smallest accents can leave a true impact. When you’re face to face with others, the earrings you choose will make their mark.

10) Rings: Don’t Be a Simpleton – Mix It Up!

The most up to date ensemble will need jewelry that will amplify it. This is why you need to know that rings can be worn in different ways. Time to reach new heights with another eye-catching strategy.

You should definitely order from Whiteflash Diamonds as they are known to be the “Lord of Online Rings.” They specialise in in luxury engagement rings too and are the ideal choice for contemporary diamond designs.

Keep them guessing, with these 3 easy ways to wear them.

  1. Eye-Candy Unleashed with Just One Massive Ring- So, that dinner party with your beau doesn’t have to be drab and boring. Try this ring on for size and all eyes will be on you. You’re already truly unforgettable, this will put that plain Jane attire on the map!
  2. Stack Your Rings, You Edgy Diva, You! – You know life is short, so live on the edge with that stunning set of layered rings you’ve been waiting on the right time for! Layered rings fit perfectly on top of each other and add to any outfit.
  3. Don’t Pile Them On – Just because you own an entire drawer full of rings, doesn’t mean you need them all to be the number 1 stunner.  You can look your best without overdoing it by wearing one ring per finger on each hand. And, if you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, you can work your magic with 2 per digit.

Final Word

Finally! There’s no need to worry you accentuate like everyone else. As a girl who’s made her way to the top of the ladder, you can finally sparkle and glow just right. This is the way to enhance every outfit. The life of the party, or the belle of the ball, you’re ready for wherever the night takes you. Stay classy pretty lady!

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