Work from Home – A Case Study for an FMCG Company – Calcux


Calcux is one of the leading company in the FMCG Segment, keeping the pace with the rapid growth of the FMCG in India. Its impressive bouquet of offerings included Branded Packaged Foods, Personal Care Products, Cigarettes, Lifestyle Retailing, Education and Stationery products, Safety Matches and Incense Sticks (Agarbatti). Within a relatively short span of time, Calcux has established several strong consumer brands in the Indian FMCG market.

Calcux leverages its institutional strengths including focus on quality and innovation and differentiation, backed by deep consumer insights, world class R&D and an efficient and responsive supply chain, to consolidate its position as a leader in the FMCG industry in India

Branded Packaged Foods

Calcux Branded Packaged Foods Business is one of the fastest growing foods businesses in India. Backed by significant investments in product development, innovation and manufacturing technology, Calcux Foods portfolio includes staples, spices, biscuits, snack foods, instant noodles, confectionery and ready-to-eat meals. The success of this business is driven by the popularity of its seven brands – Bademiya, Moonwalk, Chinks, Indian Maharajas, Shaktiman and Zippee!

Last year, several new and innovative products were added to the existing assortment of food products. New variants were introduced under the pigmy and Monster Choco Fills range. In the snack food segment, Calcux introduced an innovative offering called Triangles and Archimedes . 

Personal Care Products

Calcux  youngest player in FMCG, the Personal Care Products Business continued to grow at an impressive pace. Its range of products under the Lama, Digel and duperia brands includes bodycare, haircare, skincare and fragrances. Lama, the premium range of fragrances and bath and body care items, is available exclusively at Calcux chain of Lifestyle Retailing stores,.

Calcux Personal Care Products offer unique and superior value propositions to discerning consumers. This, along with sustained investment in R&D, world-class manufacturing processes and technology, has enabled the business to capture a significant share of the market in a short span of time, despite facing a high degree of competition, especially from established players.

Calcux was the one of the most preferred employers to work with as they were having a very friendly work culture . The average age group among the employees was 38 Years. The duty times was 9.30 to 5.00 PM with 5 days week (Saturday and Sunday Off Day). There were lot of Employee Engagements promoted by the HR Team. 

Surabhi Roy, HR Head for Calcux at Bangalore was very concerned with the Corona Outbreak. In the times of Lockdown, how will she able to ensure that employee have a regular attendance and map their regular work as per schedule ?. The role of HR in this period was indeed very critical. Responding quickly to the sudden lockdown announced towards the new work culture was the need of the hour. Surabhi then apprised  Amar Bahadur the CEO of Calcux who advised to draft a plan for the Work for Home environment as it was for the first time the company had to take such steps. 

Surabhi along with her Assistant Sampada worked hard and implemented a set of guidelines to be followed by the respective functions/teams in this critical period and ensure that the working and daily productivity of the organization is as per the target fixed.

Remote working for office based employees in the Indian Subcontinent (incl. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal)All office-based employees to work from home, assuming their function and work allows to work remotely. If the work requires to be present in the office, then it was to be discussed with the manager to agree on the specific work arrangements

The Work From Home (WFH) arrangement was effective from Wednesday, March 18 to Friday, March 27, the situation would daily be assessed to decide on the future course of action. The offices will remain open for selected critical roles that have to physically be in the office. The aim of this measure was to ensure that fewer people congregate at any one location, as this will prevent and protect from a potential virus contraction and spread. The Site Leader was the main point of contact and coordinator of these important adjustments and decisions.

The below are some of the rules set by the organization.

  • All the HOD will have a daily call in the morning . This will help in understanding the current situation and how to carry out the work in a phase wise manner.
  • There will be a daily call with in the function i.e Finance to have its own call in terms of order release and payments to be collected, outstanding dues etc. Supply Chain to have its call with respect to the supply of materials once the order entry is made in the system. Sales to have a call on the daily sales target to be achieved in the month. HR for the learning and development initiatives taken during the lock down.
  • There were some employees who were working on the desktop. Provisioning the laptop with the support from the IT Team was on the top priority.

According to Calcux – HR, 

Remote Employees are not Productive and gives low results when they are working from Home. It weakens the organizational Culture.

There were around 6 candidates who had cleared their final interview and were given the appointment letter to join from 1st April 2020. HR was finding it difficult to recruit, induct these new persons in the remote working environment.

  • It was very hard to communicate with everyone when they were remote working. 
  • Remote teams were unreliable and also have low retention rate.
  • Remote workers are difficult to manage and kept accountable.
  • Remote workers are less productive
  • Remote work is  at a security risk, there is a good chance of leak of confidential information.

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