Wonderful collection of Breguet Watches

A true epitome of Swiss watchmakers, the    Breguet, is known for the skills of manufacturing optimal watches. It is not a one night struggle, the position on which Breguet standing today took years of hardworking and passion in making luxury watches.

This thing leads the brand to be spotted as a big gun in all of the top-rated luxury watchmakers.

Breguet has been manufacturing luxury watches for years, and today the brand’s collection is filled with enormous different timepieces that are full of pragmatic features. Today we are gonna review these collections and will see what are they made of and specify … and will explore there unique utilitarian technicalities.

So, read this guide to end to get familiar with all of Breguet’s discoveries and innovations.

Welcome to the Galaxy of Breguet

Each collection personifies something unique about Breguet. One expresses Brand tradition and others represent the brand’s passion for making sports watches. Let’s have a look at these collections.

●    Tradition

A timepiece that represents Breguet’s journey through time and reexpresses the hardworking brand’s done for years in introducing the world to an all-time top-rated luxury watches.

Île de la Cité is where Breguet was born, it personifies the brand’s great artistry and early struggle that have inspired by the traditional watches. The touch of rich heritage is what we see in these watches. From 1775 to 2020, the brands have experienced many ups and downs and now have developed enough familiarity with the watch technicalities and complexities, which is needed to compete with any brand. These traditional watches are designed to shine on the wearer’s hand and suit the professional/active lifestyle the most.

The overall aesthetic and prestigious look is not the only thing that is engaging in this collection, but it also reflects the principles of manufacturing and embedding functionally to a minimalistic case. So, we see an elegant piece with addition to different technical features embedded.

●    Classique

As from its name, it is the most classical collection by the company. And the watches in this collection represent the brand’s master craftsmanship skills in making luxury dress watches that are prior in precisional rate, design, and vintage look.

It features the unique properties of Breguet and provides a timeless elegant look. It is where elegance reinvented.

The slim and smart, that is what this collection all about. It represents all aspects of a fine luxury Swiss watch. Optimal in precision, quality, and durability. When you get everything optimal in a timepiece even in the attractive price point, then what’s more ideal than to buy a Classique watch.

●    Marine

Breguet not only famous for making high-quality timepieces but also popular for making unique timepiece tools that are robust enough and complicated enough to be embedded in fully utilitarian timepiece. One of the top-rated skills of the company is to manufacture high-quality chronometers. All chronometers watches are Swiss COSC certified and was honored by French Royal Navy for making chronometric functional timepieces robust enough to withstand intense environment condition by maintaining itself as a constant ally to a soldier.


The first wristwatch made by the brand is the REINE DE NAPLES. It was designed and manufactured for the Queen of Naples, as to be a watch for a queen,the timepiece has to be designed enough and must feature a royalistic look.

It inspires the brand’s feminine collection which is most appreciated by the world. As it was the first wristwatch and was in ancient times, so it was not enough featured by compared to a classical dress watch with a little bit a quality optimization and maintaining an ultra-slim look, it is optimal.

●    TYPE XX

Genuity and technicality are what this collection features. It is an optimal Breguet timepiece and a piece of art by the brand.

The collection is inspired by aviation and the brand’s relation with the military. Company has contributed many watch tools to the military and still manufacturing robust military watches. In this collection, an optimal timepiece for the pilots “ Breguet XIV” is very much appreciated by the master pilots for its engaging functions.

All timepieces of this range features innovative and modernistic technicalities designed to fly high in the sky.

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