With a strong willpower, Sunny Sanjay Surana’s life is brimming with positivity

''With the will such strong, Suny Sanjay Surana's life is brimming with positivity''.

A positive change in yourself is when you commence to prove that demotivating opinions of people merely acceptable. It marks the step towards you being satisfied and more contented and happy.

That’s the stage where your journey to learn from your mistakes and get a better person each day initiates.

We live in a society where every part of a person is analysed and judged if it is different from the general opinion.

A society that judges you equally in being more or less heightened, overweighed or and multifaceted aspects.

Furthermore, people lose their humanity when they start commenting about it, start bullying you publicly tormenting one mentally.

Taking their comments negatively and taking serious actions on it is something not justified, but if you take it positively and start working on it to make your weakness as strength that day will bring immense change in your life.

One such positive changemaker is Sunny Sanjay Surana.

He was 19 when he stepped into working with his father and then after his graduation ,he started working on his body.
Sunny was a lean, delicate and underweight physique at the time. He faced a lot of criticism and was called by weird names due to his appearance.

He converted this weakness to his strength and something he admires about himself.He is growing mentally and physically and is working hard in body building.

When asked about his plans in future, he kindly denied in making any plans and believes in working in present, living healthy and happy.

Sunny is compassionate and ambitious kind of personality and is working hard to make his life contented. We wish him all the best and a good health.

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