Why would a company choose AngularJS Development for their Application?


A lot of outstanding companies that we are all aware of work with AngularJS development. Upwork, PayPal, Netflix and many other brands with excellent reputation were created using this technology. And it’s not something unexpected – AngularJS has been ranked as the second most used technology after NodeJS in 2018 and it still stays so in 2020. This amazing front-end framework offers a dance of robust features that help the developers to write readable and easily maintained codes.

To make a little introduction about AngularJS, it is actually a great framework that is suitable for building interactive and complicated web and mobile applications. Besides, it supports MVC programming structure.

With AngularJS, it is possible to synchronize the data efficiently and automatically with a little effort. The framework helps developers to build up the architecture of applications in its full depth, this is one of the reasons why AngularJS has become a demanded framework by the designers and developers.

What makes an AngularJS a great choice for your company?

When we talk about the technical advantages, it is packed with an enormous variety of features for efficient front-end development. Among them:

  • Simplicity

Angular is an easy to use framework, as it requires minimal coding. Less coding saves time and effort of developers, they can develop applications one by one in a short period of time.

  • MVC architecture

Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS supports MVC architecture for building web applications. MVC stands for “model-view-controller” and it is an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and the controller. Each of these components are built to handle the specific development aspects of an application. With this implementation, it becomes easier to manage the development process.

  • User-friendly interface

If you want to create an impressive user interface in your app, AngularJS should definitely be your choice. AngularJS is the framework with the ability to create a good user interface and to make lightweight and user-friendly apps that are comfortable to use.

  • Two-way data binding

Two-way binding means that any data-related changes affecting the model are immediately propagated to the matching views, and that any changes made in the views (let’s say, by the user) are immediately reflected in the underlying model. When app data changes, so does the UI, and conversely.

  • Simple testing

Testing is a vital part of web development. If you hire AngularJS development company, they will be able to find the errors and the code defects easily, and to finish the project quicker than expected, using this technology. Testing is a straightforward process when working within AngularJS and it is considered to be quite simple.

  • Massive community support

This point is supposed to be one of the crucial ones, as the popularity among developers defines the number of businesses or projects that choose to use exactly this framework. AngularJS is developed by the technological giant Google. Therefore, a massive community support is involved in improving the framework and adding new features to it. The developers are highly skilled to solve a range of issues that are related to front-end development. This supportive community is considered to be very beneficial in finding solutions to minor or major issues in the development process.

In addition to this, one of the best advantages is that the community also hosts different conferences and invites popular IT companies from across the world in order to introduce new advancements and changes in the whole industry.

Considering all of the important and really good features of AngularJS, let’s think about how these features can benefit your company and make it more successful and powerful.

How can your company benefit from choosing AngularJS?

  • Quick accomplishment

AngularJS splits your application into numerous MVC elements. Once you have done that, AngularJS will take over and also perform the remainder of the functions for you. It saves the developer out of the trouble of composing an additional code to bind the MVC parts with each other once again.

The optimal time for building up an app in Angular is 4-6 weeks, which is rather fast in comparison with other frameworks. So, within one month on average you will receive your application and attract more people to your business.

  • Good price

The estimated cost to hire the AngularJS developer is 19$ to 27$ per hour. From the first sight, such a price might seem expensive. But, indeed it is a good and affordable price in comparison to software engineers who work with other frameworks. Especially, paying money for getting a fine product is definitely worth it.

  • Wide range of ideas to bring to life

If you thought that an app that represents a business is something usual and simple, then you are wrong. AngularJS offers a creative space for the imagination. Video streaming apps like YouTube or Netflix, user-review apps, travel apps, climate apps like weather.com, portals with individually generated materials like Pinterest or Medium. It even allows to build up complicated eCommerce and mobile commerce applications as well as social media apps.

Why not even to mix some of the ideas above and to create a real bomb? The more complicated and feature-rich your app is, the more interest the users have while using it.

Besides having an app that engages the clients by itself, it can become the additional source of the income. Implementation of different native advertising in your app can really bring good money.


AngularJS is the right solution for your company if your request is to have a creative app with a huge amount of fascinating characteristics in a short period of time and for an affordable price. Pretty simple and amazing at the same time.

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