Why Become a Life Coach: 5 Key Reasons

Most of us are so caught up in our own lives that we fail to recognize the needs or suffering of others.

However, there are a select few people who thrive off of helping other people, as if they were created to do so. If you’re reading this article, you most likely fit into this category.

You’ve probably spent most of your life being acutely aware of other peoples’ feelings, emotions, and struggles. More importantly, you’ve always had s strong desire to help.

But why become a life coach? Does it pay well? Is it rewarding?

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

1. Work from Anywhere

One of the biggest reasons to be a life coach is that it allows you to work remotely. Things are changing around the world. Between health pandemics and technology, most people are perfectly happy to work and receive services online.

As a life coach, you can work with your clients from the comfort of your own home. If you decide to move, you don’t have to sacrifice your current clientele. Just as importantly, if you want to spend a few weeks on vacation, you can continue making your appointments.

2. Empower Other People

For some people, the only true reward in life is knowing that they’ve helped others. If you’re drawn to life coaching, it’s probably because you’re one of them.

You shouldn’t use your job to define yourself. However, if you can find a career that fulfills an essential need in your life, you’re doing things right.

When asked “Why become a life coach?” your most-likely response will always be “Because I want to help people.”

3. Set Your Own Schedule

Another reason to start a life coaching business is that it allows you to set your own schedule. While you’ll need to make yourself available for your clients, nothing is set in stone.

Working as a life coach isn’t like working a nine-to-five job where you must be at your desk during those hours. As a life coach, you can set appointments around your schedule. This provides flexibility if you need to take care of a sick kid, go see a school play, pick up a friend from the airport, etc.

4. Serve Your Life’s Purpose

As noted above, helping people may help bring you fulfillment. However, your answer to “Why start life coaching?’ may go deeper than that. On some level, you probably feel like being a life coach is your life’s purpose.

If this is the case, there’s no better reason in the world to follow this career path. You’ve been given the gift of insight, communication, compassion, and understanding. Use those gifts to do what you were destined to do (and get paid for it).

5. Merge Coaching With Your Current Job

Why become a life coach? Aside from the reasons listed above, starting a life coaching business allows you to maintain your current job as you grow your client base. This is one of the most important tips for becoming a life coach – learning how to do it responsibly.

Starting out, you probably won’t have a full list of clients. You probably won’t be able to support yourself through coaching alone. However, you can continue working while you grow your coaching business.

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