Why are Cold Showers Good for You?


A modern facility and a spree we have these days, is hot water. This hot water comes out in little spouts for us to cook and clean. Since this is something that primordial people in the past didn’t have access to, we should use it for showers because it’s superior, right? After all, the warmth kills terrible germs and it feels great. It’s so much more comfortable than taking a cold shower. Perhaps cold showers also make you sick?

These are the speculations on hot showers that I’ve ever heard from people. The ones who still take hot/warm showers and refuse to take cold ones don’t know the real benefits.

Did you know that many “prehistoric” clans like the Greeks, Romans and Indians who have made castles, roads, aqueducts, temples and cities lasting thousands of years with a precision that would challenge us to this day, continued to use cold water for bathing even when they had access to steaming hot water?

Good old Native Americans too, after sitting in a steaming tent, would quickly jump into a cold lake. The Mayans and the Incas also used cold water after taking a fogged hot steam shower. Before the big pharmaceutical companies came into play, doctors would recommend COLD baths to fix many problems. And to this day, those who are grave about health care still take cold showers.

I take only cold showers. I start the water hot and get my body cleaned, then immediately turn it to cold (as cold as it could go) and let it run over me. I often sit down with my eyes shut and take it for numerous minutes, breathing firmly, feeling the energy rush through my body.

I don’t get this with warm showers. There are many speculations about that.

When that cold water runs on your body, the heart begins tapping warm blood everywhere. It rushes everything about you. The cold bite fights against your brain and your willpower. You are pushed to either continue or fight it, or give in and take a warm shower just as most individuals would. When the water is appropriately cold, it can be challenging. But so rewarding.

It is said that a cold shower increases testosterone levels, while a warm shower lowers them. I don’t care for the science behind it; I know that this seems to hold. Testosterone is the man hormone and taking luxuriously warm showers sure isn’t very manly compared to chilly ones. Ask any tough guy to start taking cold showers from here on, chances are he’ll refuse. I’ve done this numerous times, so far not one has been willing to take the test.

But you should. Try it once. Turn the water to cold, all the way, and don’t jump out. Could you wait until your body enjoys it? Please sit down and let it pour over you like a waterfall. When your heart pumps so much blood that the water begins to feel warm, you may step out. Chances are when you step out; you will feel as though you can take on the world. A warm shower will never give you this feeling—a testosterone building, willpower challenging, heart racing cold shower will.

If you’re anything like me, you will long for that feeling again, and next time sit in the water longer. You’ll be wanting a cold shower, even if it hurts at first. You will come to love the challenge.

Did I mention that taking cold showers also helps your body adjust to the chills much better? I have a hard time in cold weather, but when I take cold showers regularly, I can handle it and those who love the cold.
Something else I have learned from cold showers is how well they help the body recover. Whether it’s muscle soreness from working out or being sick from making a few bad food choices, cold showers either solve or at least help solve the issue. An ice bath does wonders for recovery and bragging rights.

Coldwater bath is beneficial for skin and hair. While most men don’t worry about having smooth hair and skin, those are signs of health. And it is perfectly acceptable to have a smooth yet hard body. After all, don’t we say we want our bodies carved in granite? Those statues are soft yet hard. And the cold water will help keep everything it touches healthy. Skin from cold showers also means less acne.

It may seem “hard” and primitive, but it works. And besides, who else is willing to try? Stand out from the crowd.
Take a shower – a cold one.

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