Where Aspiring Doctors Should Go to University


Entering the world of medicine is challenging. Doctors require years of education, experience and knowledge to break into the field and with that comes hard work. This makes sense as doctors have a direct impact on human life and therefore, have a large amount of responsibility on their shoulders.

Even with all of this, thousands of young people aspire to become doctors and work towards this goal. However, to successfully achieve their dreams, it’s important for all aspiring medical professionals to receive the best education possible.

With this in mind, we have put together a shortlist of the most respected medical universities around the world. Some of these establishments are hundreds of years old and have led medical research for decades. For any young doctor, getting taught at these universities will serve as an exceptional springboard for their career, helping them learn the latest scientific breakthroughs and making it easier to secure a job after finishing. With any luck, this will help any aspiring medical practitioner to chase their dreams and achieve their goals.

Harvard University, United States of America

Harvard University is currently ranked first in the world for medical schools based on academic reputation, employer reputation and other key factors.  Whilst there are other universities in the USA which specialise in medicine, such as the John Hopkins School of Medicine, Harvard’s reputation makes it an invaluable employability tool.

Getting onto Harvard’s medical course requires extraordinary grades, primarily because the organisation receive thousands of applicants each year from all around the globe, allowing them to pick from the very best. 

The school also boasts a very high staff to student ratio, meaning there are around 13 members of staff for every student within the medical arm of the university. This huge number of faculty members helps support students fully and ensures that they achieve as much as possible during their time there. This, combined with the rigorous working schedules and prestigious identity, makes Harvard’s medical graduates some of the best doctors in the world. The perfect choice for an aspiring doctor. 

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The University of Oxford is the second oldest educational establishment in the world. It is over 920 years old and is only beaten by the University of Bologna in Italy, which is closer to 930. This long history of education and learning has allowed the University of Oxford to slowly grow into a global mark of excellence. For employers, seeing the University of Oxford on a resume immediately grabs their attention, which is part of why aspiring doctors may be attracted to place of study.

Alongside the prestige it holds, the University of Oxford also benefits from countless resources, funding and a natural drive for excellence. This creates an unrivalled learning atmosphere where the best teachers are brought in to deliver cutting edge education to the best students in the world. This environment is perfect for a doctor who wants to excel at what they do and truly become the best. 

Getting into Oxford is extremely challenging, though. Applicants spend hours poring over their Oxford University medicine personal statement, as well as preparing for interviews with lecturers and revising for the many entrance exams. The process is difficult but worth it for anyone looking to start a career in medicine.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Much like Oxford, the University of Cambridge is a very well-known name in the education world and has an extremely long history of education, innovation and pioneering new fields. Cambridge University was founded in 1209, making it the fourth oldest university on the planet. Nestled in the heart of England, the university is popular both for its academic prowess and its beautiful setting, complete with unique architecture at the heart of a multi-cultural and accepting city. 

All of these factors make the city particularly appealing for students, though, obviously, the education is the most important park. Cambridge attracts some of the best lecturers, tutors and students in the world due to its prestige and setting. The university has had countless famous individuals pass through its gates, including the founder of Harvard University, John Harvard. 

It’s also important to point out that Cambridge, as well as Harvard, tend to lean towards the research side of medical science rather than patient care. That said, they are still exceptional establishments for aspiring doctors and medical professionals, especially due to the employability improvements that attending Cambridge can bring.

A medicine course at Cambridge is intense and difficult but for medical students, the combination of high-quality education, beautiful setting and worldwide prestige will make it worth.

Hopefully, this will have exposed you to some of the possibilities when it comes to receiving the best medical education possible. After all, the world needs well-trained doctors and medical professionals now, more than ever. 

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