What is UNBREAKcable? It Should Be One of Your Favorite Electronics Brands


Whenever you hear the word USB cable, only one thing comes in your mind, and that is a traditional USB A to B cable. One which connects your phone and the other to your charger and that’s not reversible! Previously most of the devices including mobile phones and laptops used this cable compatibility.

But now Type C cables have largely taken over those cables and most of the latest devices come with the compatibility of Type C cables, indeed some still support traditional ones. Type C cables are indeed the faster versions for charging and syncing data.

There is no alternative for syncing data and transferring energy from one device to another if they both use Type C to Type C cables. The only way to make it possible is to buy UNBREAKcable USB C to USB C cable.

Today after testing and trying different types of USB C to USB C cables we have come up with this final decision reviewing UNBREAKcable USB C to USB C cable.We will also share some useful tips. So stay geared up.

Why Should You Buy?

You might be thinking that what special is offered with UNBREAKcable USB C to USB C Cable and why exactly you should buy this product. Here we will list some solid reasons and how perfect UNBREAKcable solves them.


You won’t be marked as a nerd but a wise person if you take three meanings of “flexibility” in this cable. The following are stated:

  1. This USB Cable is made up of TPE Material and has other mixtures to make it resist bends  and stay flexible
  2. This flexibility means you can easily fold this cool cable into a small size you want and can carry anywhere
  3. Money; you will buy this frommoney; it is a great money-saver compared to Apple USB Cables and is worth its price.

Super Fast:

Everyone likes fast results and is ready to buy anything that will work. This USB C to USB C cable has super-fast capabilities either in terms of charging or while when you are transferring data.


For those who require special cables like this one that would be reliable and easily compatible then this model is the best buy for them.

UNBREAKcableUSB C to USB C cable – Product Review

Many USB Cables give the same traditional appearance but this cable shows its unique ideas once you just have a glance at it. It has a unique fibrous design in colors of black and grey woven to great patterns. As their product description and their brand’s name says this is truthfully an unbreakable C Type USB Cable.

This USB C to USB C Cable is for those people who have to do charging and transfer files from both ends supporting C Type as their devices only have the option to. While others usually prefer this type as it is the safest, the fastest, and the latest mode of transfer. It is the best alternative for pricey apple’s lightning cable.

This USB C to USB C Cable is made up of premium TPE material, paired with braided nylon design this cable can bear heavy loads of up to 10 kilograms. This cable has passed various rigorous tests to prove that it will stay unbreakable.This makes it perfect to be used by the whole family various times for various tasks.

Now, you don’t have to sit all day for waiting for your phone to charge and then you go office as this cable has fast charging delivery which is a premium feature in this price. Depending upon the size of your files, this USB Cable will serve you with the fastest sync without corrupting them.

You are not left like an orphan, once this pack of 2 cables gets delivered, you are also accompanied by friendly customer support, a readable guide, 3 years warranty in case of any mishap.

The most fun thing about this product is that there is no specified input or output side. Which means you can blindly up or down plug it in. Buy it now and get this luxurious accessoryto explain to you the rest.


  • Type-C 2.0
  • Made of premium TPE material
  • 480 Mbps and 3A separately
  • USB PD fast charging (Power Delivery)
  • Reversible


  • 36-month warranty 
  • Great customer Support
  • Non-breakable


  • No Video Output
Other Known BrandsUNBREAKcable
Less Compatible
Breaks by Bend
Less Load-Bearing
Low rate Sync
Slow Charging
Short Size
Bad Packaging
No Customer Support
No or limited Warranty
Bad Customer Ratings
Bend Resistant
High Load Bearing Capacity
Fast rate Sync
Fast charging
Longer Size
Great Packaging
Always By Your Side
36 months warranty
Feedbacks are power

Interested to Buy?

We are sure every person having a car needs to buy this USB C to USB C Cable by UNBREAKcable. If you want to buy this and want to save some bucks. You can make it possible by using our coupon code while checkout.

Product link-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QJ96JSB



Original price$14.99

Discounted price$10.49

Wewould just like to say a huge Thank You to UNBREAKcable for once again giving us the opportunity to review some amazing products. If you haven’t already, please go check out their store:https://www.unbreakcable.com/

They sell some amazing high-quality products for such affordable prices, you really can’t go wrong. 

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