What Is Clean Beauty and Is It Really Worth Your Money?


In the US, the average woman will spend around $300,000 on beauty products!

If you’re interested in beauty, then you won’t have been able to miss the clean beauty trend that is taking over Instagram 

But, if you’re still wondering what is clean beauty, this article will clear it up for you once and for all! Keep reading to learn more.

Clean Beauty Is Kinder to Your Skin

The idea of clean beauty is that it’s better for your body and skin. The idea is that we’ve been using products for many years with harsh, unknown chemicals.

As a result, there is a growing mistrust surrounding these chemicals. How can they possibly be good for your skin when they’re not natural?

Clean beauty is moving towards only using a few ingredients that are natural and organic. However, for some products, this simply means they don’t work.

Furthermore, terms such as clean and organic are not legally defined, meaning anyone can slap them on a label.

Clean Beauty Is Kinder to Animals

Another way in which clean beauty is changing the game is by demanding cruelty-free products. As people are learning more about the horrors of animal testing, they realize that there is another way to test facial wash.

Look out for symbols that signify your beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free. Luckily, the number of companies that are creating such products is on the rise.

Clean Beauty Is Better for the Planet

We know only too well that our impact on the planet is causing climate change. As a result, consumers are also looking for products that are kind to the planet. 

Legitimate clean beauty products are certified with labels from organizations such as Soil Association and Ecocert are grown organically.

Always Do Your Research Before Spending Money

The answer to the question of what is clean beauty and is it worth it is, unfortunately, it depends. There is certainly a lot more evidence to back synthetic products.

But, new clean beauty products are popping up every day and with them more research. However, to truly find out if a clean beauty product is right for you, you’ll simply need to try it out. 

Always do your research to find out whether the product is actually organic, accredited, and cruelty-free. Then, test it out and compare it to your favorite synthetic products.

Unfortunately, there is certainly a high level of “greenwashing” going around. This is because companies have cottoned onto the fact that people want products that are responsible and sustainable.

However, the process of gaining accreditation is long and legally unnecessary.

What Is Clean Beauty? A Con and a Saviour

In some cases, clean beauty is a con and in others, it can be a miracle worker.

Make sure you look into every product you buy thoroughly. This includes reading the available information that brands put out and checking ingredient labels.

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