What Impact Does Your Lifestyle Have on Your Teeth?

It is true that our lifestyles have a significant impact on our health, though it is more recognizable in some areas than others! The subject of teeth can prompt many questions when it comes to a lifestyle test, so with that in mind, this piece will have a look at the impact your lifestyle can have on your teeth and what you can do about it!

“Drinking alcohol is not just bad for your head, but it can also bad for your teeth too!”

Drinking Alcohol and the Impact on Teeth

Alcohol is often packed with sugar, which is well known to have a detrimental effect on the health of our teeth. Unfortunately, alcohol itself can play a part in creating problems for gums, as studies suggest the more alcohol you drink, the more likely there is a chance of developing gum disease. Not only that, but those who already have gum disease can see the symptoms worsen through further consumption of alcohol, and ultimately the stages accelerate. 

To help prevent some of the issues that come with drinking, be sure to hydrate with water as alcohol dries out the gums, which can lead to irritation.

“Smoking can cause many problems of the mouth, including the teeth”

Smoking and the Impact on Teeth

Smoking is well known for causing an array of health problems and the mouth does not get an easy escape here. Not only can smoking cause gum disease, bad breath, and risk of oral cancer, it can also have a direct impact on your teeth. Problems include tooth loss, increased build-up of tar and plaque, and delayed healing after dental surgery. Smoking can also cause an unsightly stain too, and while not a health issue, it is still often not desired!

The best way to remove these potential issues from smoking is to give it up. However, it is not as easy as ‘just quitting’ so pay extra attention to your dental hygiene and make sure to find a reputable dentist. 

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“Brush your teeth as soon as possible after sugar, unless the sugar is from an acidic source!” 

Sugary Snacks and the Impact on Teeth 

Sugar is known as one of the ultimate troublemakers when it comes to teeth issues. Sugar molecules combine with saliva and bacteria in the mouth to create plaque. Plaque can lead to dissolved enamel which can then cause cavities. 

Tooth decay and gum disease can become very problematic, so it is best to make a lifestyle change when it comes to the intake of sugar. If you cannot resist sugar, make sure to brush your teeth after every sugary meal or drink. For foods and drinks that are acidic such as citrus fruits or fizzy drinks, make sure to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth, as the acid from these types of consumables softens the enamel. Brushing your teeth too soon after consuming items that are acidic damage the enamel further. 

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