VPN developer successfully challenges App Store guidelines

(IANS) The CEO of firewall and VPN application Guardian Will Strafach has said that his company successfully challenged App Store Review guidelines after it faced rejection due to a feature.

“I am fairly impressed that this new ability to challenge and change App Store guidelines is genuine, and theAexpediciousAturnaround time,” Strafach said in a tweet.

Apple raised objections with the Guardian Day Pass feature this month and threatened to reject the app’s update unless the feature was removed, 9to5Mac reported.

The feature allows users to buy Guardian features for a day to “block trackers and other digital nuisances while enjoying fast VPN connections.”

While threatening with rejection, Apple cited point 3.1.2 of the App Store rules, which says that renewable subscriptions must span a minimum period of seven days.

But the one-time purchase of the Day Pass option of Guardian is not a subscription.

Similar single-day purchases are offered by other applications as well. Sprint’s Secure Wi-Fi application is one such service which appeared toAface no such threat from Apple.

Strafach announced on August 15 that Guardian challenged guideline 3.1.2 and on Saturday he revealed that the challenge was successful.

Addressing that Guardian iOS app users, he said that the text of the App Store guidelines is likely to be updated to reflect the changes.

At its developers conference this year, Apple announced the ability to challenge App Store Review guidelines.

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