Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020


Love and Relationships

Single souls may just discover the ‘one’ for them very soon! The other person will respond positively to your alluring gestures. He or she can be a little older than your age, but love doesn’t care for age anyway, does it? It may happen that you both convey feelings using the unique language of signs and signals. Going on a date can just start a new chapter filled with love in your life! For married ones, there are good news and bad news. Although you may have a disputation, overall you will spend quality time together. Families will also enjoy amiable time together and intra-personal relationship will improve.


Those students who are in college need to be careful not to waste too much time on other unimportant activities. You can cause to lose concentration while studying so don’t let yourself procrastinate and focus on your studies. Only then you can clearly understand your topic and remember them without fail. Overall your progress will be up to par. Those who have completed their graduation and are studying further need to concentrate more on their studies. Do not waste all the time partying and hanging out with your friends. All play and no work makes Jack a loser.


The movement of the planets specify that you will stay as fit as a fiddle for the most part of this week. You will feel good about yourself it will boost your confidence and make you more active. Do not eat or drink food items which are not hygienic to consume. There are chances of you getting a viral infection. Stay clean and uncontaminated. Develop the habit of exercising regularly every morning. Wake up and hit the gym or go for walking and running in the park. Keep your stomach clean from junk food and take your meals on time.


The planetary movement proposes that your income will increase for than expected. More inflow of money means more confidence and stability in life. You will make more plans and think about where to invest your extra income. Although remember not to spend too much over futile and trivial things. Focus more on expenses which can provide you with security, comfort and happiness. Don’t forget to save money for future expenses. Any accidental cost can come up and at that point in your life financial security will be of the utmost importance. It looks like there are no big expenses for you this week. Just control over routine and habitual expenses.


The movement of the planets suggests that those who are into business will receive a big and gainful deal! Nevertheless, business people will have to take care of their staff and employees. Any successful company is not made up of powerpoint presentations but hard work and loyalty of the people working in it. Motivate them and make them feel like family. Factory owners and manufacturers may go for backward integration as it will be beneficial in terms of cost savings, improving efficiency and guaranteed supply. Planetary movement is in favour of career-oriented people! Job holders will work like a Trojan to achieve better position and salary in the company.

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