Virgo Weekly Horoscope 2nd – 8th Aug, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will fall in love head over heels with a person of the opposite sex, older in age. They will be able to convey their true feelings to this person who will reciprocate favourably! This will mark the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. The second house is linked to family relationships. Mars is influencing the second house which will disturb the overall tranquillity of the family. Any issues within the family should be handled tactfully. Maintain your composure and try to resolve the issue in amicably.


Students are advised to shirk off all distractions and concentrate solely upon academics throughout this week. Students pursuing graduation will remain focused upon their studies moderately. However, they may not be able to learn things very quickly. Memorizing certain concepts will also take a painful amount of time. Students pursuing post-graduation will be busy partying away with friends! We will have a strong tendency to neglect studies. This will, most certainly, have severe and negative repercussions. We are not against having a little bit of fun, but, to modify the ancient proverb slightly, all fun and no work will make Jack completely useless!


Precaution’ should be your mantra during this entire week. We highly recommend that you completely abstain from eating junk street-side food. We say so because there is a distinct possibility of digestive disorders. Light cardiovascular exercises or a long morning walk should be very helpful. Be careful with issues related to your left eye. If you find, you have haziness in your vision, we recommend that you visit an ophthalmologist immediately. With medications, your issue will be rectified very soon. People middle-aged and above should be particularly careful about their health. We recommend, they get regular body check-ups done.


Your second house is linked with finance. The ruler of this house is Venus. A strong influence of Venus here ensures a stable flow of incoming finance. Not only will it be stable, but it will also keep on increasing gradually! You will be presented with several opportunities to earn. Your financial position shall remain rock-solid. You will feel like spending a substantial amount of money within your social circle, just to show-off! We recommend you do not go overboard spending money. It will be a great idea to focus upon saving for the safety of your own future as well as your loved ones during this week.


Patience will be the mantra for businessmen as well as salaried employees during this week. Businessmen will need to work very hard to attain the desired level of progress. Constant, diligent and thorough work will be required. A lot of patience and perseverance will be required to strike profitable deals. Your patience will be rewarded! Nature is planning to offer you something very big in the near future! Keep accepting new challenges. Salaried employees must remain focused and concentrate upon producing efficient output. They will feel enthralled upon the prospects of their bright future. Planetary influences will work in your favour. Patience will be the key!

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