Twitter allows iOS users to limit replies to their tweets

(IANS) Twitter has rolled out a new feature for iOS users which will allow them to limit replies to their tweets on the platform.

The micro-blogging platform first tested this feature with a limited set of users in May.

“In May, we tested a new way to have a chat with exactly who you want, so you can create and consume more meaningful exchanges. Now, everyone can try this new feature and choose who can reply to their Tweets,” the company said in its update on Apple App Store.

It is still not clear when the same feature will arrive on Android devices and Twitter on Desktop.

To use the new feature, tap a box above the keyboard on your device while writing a tweet that reads “Everyone can reply.”

You can then choose from “everyone can reply to their tweet,” “only people they follow can reply,” and “only people they mention can reply”.

Earlier this year, Twitter said it will soon give users four options to allow who can participate in their conversations or threads on its platform.

The first option will be ‘Global’ where anyone can post replies to your tweet.

In the second option called ‘Group’, you can limit replies to people you follow and mention (Group).

The third option called ‘Panel’ will be only for people included in the conversation, and no one at all ‘Statement’ as the fourth option, announced Twitter’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie, at the CES 2020.

It means Twitter users will not need to take your account private to avoid bullies.

This feature is expected to launch globally in the later part of the year.

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