Travel Guide to Boston, Massachusetts


One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston, is the cultural and economic center of New England. With numerous colleges and universities around the region, Boston is a haven for medical studies and higher education. 

If you think that the cities filled with universities and colleges are boring, come to Boston. With diverse neighborhoods, vibrant history, and a legacy of culture and art, Boston has something for everyone. 

Here are a few places to explore in Boston.

Walks and Trails

There is a mix of trails and free hikes throughout the City of Boston. Here are a few recommended trails.

  • The Freedom Trail: The Freedom Trail is a splendid compilation of churches, museums, meeting houses, parks, ships, and celebrated markers that tell the tale of the American Revolution and beyond. Here, you could take a stroll through Boston Common- America’s oldest public park. Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, and Granary Burying Ground are worth visiting while on this trail.
  • Walk to the Sea: The walk, extending about a mile long, traverses from the Massachusetts State House to the Waterfront at Long Wharf. Those who finish the entire trail will reach eight separate locations for a short lesson on Boston’s past. Here, you could explore King’s chapel, Beacon Hill, The Old State House, Government Center, Custom House, Financial District, Long Wharf, and The Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Museums and galleries

Boston has a stock of museums, with everything from the Museum of Fine Arts to the Old State House. Here are a few recommended museums and galleries

  • Boston Children’s Museum: The museum has interactive and informative exhibits for kids and hosts a wealth of grand family-friendly events.
  • Boston African American National Historic Site: Here, you can learn and explore the tale of the African American community in 19th-century Boston.

For the sports lover, there’s much to experience in the City of Champions. 

  • Visit Fenway Park- it houses the World Champion Red Sox.
  • Learn about the five-time Super Bowl Champions- The Patriots. They play at Gillette Stadium. 
  • Boston Marathon is held each April on Patriot’s Day. Learn about one of the most prestigious and oldest marathon events.

Where to shop and dine in Boston?

Traveling need not always be about visiting historical places and unwinding by the beach. Sometimes, classy shopping and dining streets are also worth exploring. Boston offers world-class shopping and dining options as well as artisan, regional, and ethnic favorites. Boston is covered with 20 food trucks, all serving various types of food. If you have a knack for shopping, Downtown Crossing is home to boutiques, pushcarts, and national department stores. If you want luxury, Faneuil Hall has dozens of pushcart eateries and world-class restaurants. There’s also plenty of great places to shop. 

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