Travel Guide: Things to do in Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is a top-rated destination among backpackers from all over the world. The city is popular for its warmth, lively culture, history, rich traditions, and the beautiful landmarks it houses. Once you land in Dublin, there is such a wide assortment of activities to choose from, that you might miss out on a few of them.

Here is our guide to touring the Irish capital.

Culinary Explorations:

The Irish cuisine is not very extensive, but for tasting genuine Irish food, what better place to be in, than Dublin. After all, Ireland is incomplete without its traditional steak and stew. Get your mouth on some of the best-cooked steaks, fabulous soups and salads at the many eateries in Dublin. While the smaller pubs and cafes offer these specialties at reasonable rates, the more high-end restaurants like Peploe’s cater to fine dining. Irish fast food is unique too, and the malts and burgers are lip-smacking, to say the least: taste excellent food, the Irish way at the many seafood restaurants. There is usually an international menu offered with high-quality wines on the cards as well. However, on the alcohol front, try some traditional Irish beer and, if you dare, a forbidden taste of poteen. A couple of the best places to sit and enjoy Dublin’s flavors are the Temple Bar and the Porterhouse.

Historical Explorations:

If the student of history in you had been lying dormant for years, Dublin provides an ideal trigger to awaken it. With the huge blend of sites that have unusual historical significance, Dublin’s city needs to be toured for the historic treats it houses. The best among these are the Leinster House, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle, the National Museum of Ireland, Guinness Storehouse, Christ Church, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, James Joyce Museum, Custom House, and National Library. These sights are graceful and give visitors a feel of the Irish roots and what the Irish had been through over the years.

Cultural Explorations:

With such a rich history and tradition, the Irish could never be far off on the cultural front. The first thing that creeps into one mind on this aspect is the famous Dublin theater scene. With the Abbey and the Gate Theatre, the Dublin trip is incomplete without having visited Synge and Yeats’ plays, which put Ireland on the world map. The connection of these theaters with historical actors, who made it big on the Broadway and New York stage, can be felt only on a theater trip. Walk through the gardens of Trinity College and come face to face with unique tranquility. Visit Andrew’s Lane for a shot at Irish music or the Dublin Fringe Festival if you are lucky enough.

Shopping and Miscellaneous:

Shop at Henry Street and Grafton Street. The Cake Café, the Dubh Linn Gardens, and the Loft Market are places that must be visited at least once to enjoy the scenery, the Irish cakes, and the trends in fashion, respectively. Explore the cafes and local pubs all over Dublin before your tour ends. With premium brews and espressos on offer, these are not part of the culinary exploration but form an integral part of Dublin’s vacation. Visit the Dublin Spire or Spike, which marks the millennium celebrations of Dublin. The most massive sculpture, the spire, is a perfect spot for exploring the tail end of the holiday.

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