Travel Guide: The Ideal Family Vacation to the Bahamas

When you’re finalizing an ideal family getaway to the Caribbean, you need a place that gives you all the relaxation you need while letting your children enjoy entertaining activities and lots of playtime hours under the sun. This is why NYK Daily recommends traveling to the Bahamas. The Bahamas gives you the low-down on the best family pursuits to indulge in during your stay in one of the paradisiacal islands.

The impressive collection of Bahamas islands and islets are perfect for families looking to have a fabulous time and create memories for a lifetime. 

Choosing an Island in the Bahamas

Planning a vacation in the Bahamas can be challenging when choosing the right island because there are so many of them. This is why the first step in mapping your holiday must be asking the family to determine what activities they’re most excited about. Activities can range from swimming with the dolphins to zip-lining across dense tropical rainforests to exploring water parks or merely chilling on the beach.

Here are the three evergreen islands in the Bahamas to help you choose.

The Abacos: The Abacos is located in the North of Bahamas, made up of its 120-mile-long archipelago, with Little Abaco and Great Abaco Island serving as the “mainland,” and a series of barrier islands isolating them from the Atlantic. Known as the most convenient of the Out Islands, this family-friendly address boasts pink and white sandy beaches and four national parks, where orchids, parrots, and all kinds of fascinating marine life can be spotted. Seeing the grand swimming island pigs makes a vacation to this archipelago a uniquely memorable experience. One of the most sought-after attractions in this remote region, you can see them adorably idling on the beach, chilling in Bahamian sun and walking through the clear blue waters. 

Cat Island: Cat Island is one of the least visited and the most impressive of all the Bahamas islands. While it gives exceptional diving off its south shore, this isolated island has barely been overflooded by tourists, making it perfect for those seeking peace. Every inch is ideal, from the sand to the weather, and it even owns an eight-mile range of pink sandy beaches. It’s also engineered to retain its genuine island flavor, with Obeah religious practices and ripsaw music still thriving. A clean lake known as “Boiling Hole,” is not only home to a mythical sea monster due to tidal situations that cause “strange” bubbles, it’s an attractive place to watch for baby sharks, dolphins, rays and all sorts of birds that nest along the mangroves that surround it. 

Long Island: Long Island is home to one of the earliest dive operations in the Bahamas. It has various deep and shallow diving sites but is most well known for Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest known blue hole in the island at over 600 feet. Tiny sea horses and friendly turtles come to the hot, saltwater pool to avoid the ocean currents, while the coral caves and sandbanks on the side of the path shelter all types of tropical reef life, from colorful tropic fish to snappers and groupers. The western shoreline of Long Island has sandy beaches decorated with vibrant, lush mangroves. With the Atlantic to the east, the island is also sailing, fishing, and yachting paradise.

Once you have your island planned out, it becomes easier to choose whether the lodging will be a villa, hotel, or resort.

Here are some favorite activities enjoyed by families while on holiday in the Bahamas:

  • Marine animals – One of the most enjoyable and popular destinations in the Bahamas is the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park. It is a famous, 141-acre aquatic center featuring a lazy river, high-speed waterslides, and swimming pools. The resort’s aquariums and lakes are home to over half a million marine animals. Navigate underwater tunnels for an up-close view of sharks, piranhas, stingrays, and other aquatic life where you can even watch the fish at feeding time. The dolphin habitat lets guests mingle with these peaceful marine mammals in either shallow or deep water. Atlantis is a favorite attraction not only for families but also for single travelers, and couples and reservations are advised.
  • Dolphins – Swimming with the dolphins is a viral activity in the Caribbean. Both the Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounters and the UNEXSO Dolphin Experience in the Bahamas offer dolphin swims where children can interact and swim with dolphins within a protective lagoon.
  • Zoo – There is only one zoo in the Bahamas: the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Park. The 5-acre reserve is home to beautiful flamingos, wild cats, geckoes, parrots, pheasants, Bahamian boas, and red-breasted geese. Passionate guides are on hand and are particularly keen on introducing everyone to the parrots – fostering interaction with the birds at feeding time.
  • Pirate of the Nassau Museum: The year is 1716 and your day begins on a moonlit dock amid the sounds of lapping water and pirates partying in a nearby tavern. Walk alongside the pirate frigate “Revenge” and enter the world of looting pirates in this fun museum.

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