Tips on How to Travel With Your Pet


Most people travel for their vacation, and they normally take their families with them. Some can’t live without their pets as well. If you plan to go with your pet, you have to plan to make the trip pleasant and convenient for both you and the beast.

  1. Traveling by Car: If you are going on a road trip for weekends, make sure that you do not let the pet free inside your vehicle. You can get your pet a safety gear fastened to your car’s seat belt. Or you can probably place your pet in a cage. A pet carrier is also a great idea, but it could be more costly too. Don’t forget to put your pet in the back seat.
  2. Traveling by Air: If you are taking a flight to your destination, a pet carrier must follow airline regulations. Check with the airlines about the pet carrier dimensions to ensure that you will buy the right-sized one. A pet can go by air in the cabin if it doesn’t top 22 pounds in weight, 11 inches tall, and 18 inches in length. For foreign traveling, you will need some documents for your pet before you can take it. It would be best to give at least six weeks of interest to start taking care of the papers. Do not fly with your pet unless you have it vaccinated and examined by the veterinarian. Always carry your pet’s present health certificate along with the history of vaccinations.
  3. Pet Foods: Take lots of pet food; you can never be sure if your pet’s favorite brand of pet food will be available at your destination, so it is better to be safe.
  4. Feeding Manual: If you are taking a flight, feed your pet with a clean snack 4 hours before leaving. Do not give your pet any fluids 1 hour before departure. If you are going by car, try not to feed your pet while you are moving.
  5. Put ID Cards: Whether you are taking your pet for international or domestic traveling, it is best to attach an ID card to your pet. The ID tag must contain your telephone number, home address, and destination’s address and telephone number.

Before you take off, it is also essential to check if your pet is going to be welcome at your destination. If you visit relatives, you need to let them know that you will be bringing your pet along. If you are staying at a resort, check about the accommodation’s regulations concerning pets. Also, it’s always a good idea to stay covered with pet insurance.

Also, make sure that your pet is ready for travel. Animals can be more restless than children during long journeys. If your pet has never been anywhere else but home, you can start making him travel-ready by taking him to the park, the mall or the supermarket.

Finally, try to be as calm as possible. You need to know that you are not going to deal with your pet alone; you will have to deal with other people’s reactions to it as well.

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