Tips for Making a Hassle-Free King Size Bed Sheets


Is there any quick and easy way to dress up & style up a bed? This is the question that comes in the mind of every job holder when he wakes up in the morning and rushes to his office. Nowadays when life has become so mobile, making beds with perfection is no more a priority. But a few of us are still searching for some alternatives that can make our king size bedrooms appear organized and well made.

In this article we have combined a few popular hacks to dress up your king size beds including king size bed sheets, throws, accent pillows and cushions, and other accessories.

Let’s start…

King Size Fitted Sheets

When it comes to making a hassle free and crease free bedding, fitted sheets stand out. They have elastic corners or elastic all around which helps the shield to stay in place and prevent slipping. Which is worthy of mentioning that when you use fitted sheets they do not come off of themselves like the flat shapes and roll under the user. Which very much contributes to a comfortable sleep?

When it comes to making the bed if you go for a king size fitted sheet, it is not mandatory to follow it by an Oxford king size bed sheet for a flat sheet if you want to save your time. All you need is to put on the fitted sheet and accessorize the head bone with some extent pillows and cushions. As a bed topper you can use a king size duvet and spread it to the three fourth of the bed leaving the space against the headboard for placing pillows. This is the simplest technique you can use for making your king size beds where you are only required to set your duvet every morning for organizing the bed.

If you want to add a designer for a luxurious touch to it you can place a large throws on the foot side draping it nicely over the bed from one end.

Duvet covers

They are also trending when it comes to making a hassle-free bed. They not only provide web hassle-free bedding but also help you show your styling sense. They come in a great variety which help you change the overall look of your bed regularly and add fantastic features to it. All you need is to dress up your band with a flat sheet and irreversibly follow up with matching accent pillows and one or two cushions.


Throws make great bedding and is the quickest way to add style to your bedroom. Here’s what you need to do, do not fold your true neatly and drape it like Sidra them over the sofas and armchairs. Instead just throw it on your bad along the bottom. This creates a very informal and casual look over the corner of your bed and is very artistic. This technique works well if you are using a duvet or a bedspread in the winter. When it is summer you can use the throws all alone.


Cushions are the least expensive but the most stylish edition to any bed. They come in in various sizes, designs and fabrics which certainly appear very charming when added to the bed. But hair arises the question how many cushions are required to style up the bed? And the answer is always go for an odd number. The number of questions varies with the bed size for instance if you have a single or double bed you should go for one but if you have a super singer king size bed go for three cushions.

You can mix and match various colors and designs to update the existing clock and display them in a no uniform arrangement every time you change the bedding. They are a worth investment therefore you should keep a close eye on various house brands and discount offers of leading manufacturers and keep on buying them on a regular basis at affordable prices.


One of the best ways of using pillows and cushions for creating a luxurious hotel like look is two line up 3 Euro pillows against the headboard. Now place two king size pillows side by side and follow up them with standard size pillows.You may also like to visit Imperial Rooms online store of UK.

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