Things That Pros Do To Win At Slots


Have you ever found yourself watching live slots streamers win thousands of pounds and wish that you could do the same? Well it is important to understand that they all play under the same rules as all of us when it comes to reel spins. Pro slot players luck is down to the Random Number Generator just like everyone else. The major difference between professional slots players and those who enjoy a few spins to help them relax is basically their bankroll. Pros come armed with huge bankrolls and this helps them ride through big losses that would destroy the bankroll of a mortal. Pros tend to be high roller gamblers because of the financial freedom a large bankroll brings to the game from top 10 slot sites. Therefore, they tend to win big and lose big. They also tend to be high-risk takers and are not frightened to take on slots that can throw huge rare wins punters way. However, the more sensible pros out there are more selective about the slots they play.

Choosing Your Game

Professional slot players do play a mixture of slots and mix between the high-risk high variance games and those with high RTP percentage scores. Mostly, they play games that they consider will give them a good return on their stake. However, sometimes games are chosen through recommendations by other pros. Lil’ Devil is one of the current slots that is getting a good reputation amongst high staking pros and this is simply down to the potential one of the free spins bonus rounds has. If there is no buzz about a slot within the community then there is always trial and error and yes, even high rolling pros play slots in demo mode. Another craze that pros are taking on are the Megaways slots, these can prove impossible to win on but if high stake players strike it lucky when over 100,000 paylines are active, then wins can be monstrous. Another trend creeping back into slots is the buy a bonus option on some games and this can cost up to 60x your stake. Pros can afford to take the chance and buy the bonus round instead of waiting for it to trigger in the base game. Be sure to check out goldenslot for a bundle of services.

Casino Choice

Professional slots players pick their online casinos carefully and despite a large bankroll, they still take full advantage of welcome bonuses. They also like to be rewarded for there loyalty in the form of generous VIP packages that allow them some free play on the house.  A decent VIP package usually contains free cash bonuses with no wagering requirements attached and free spins again minus any wagering requirements. Although becoming a VIP is by invite only, it is usually linked to how much you spend on site. Generous VIP packages are often used to bolster the bankroll as most pros reach the very summit of VIP status.

Final Thoughts 

To become a professional slot player requires plenty of surplus cash, careful slot choice and a casino that looks after its high rollers and dishes out regular freebies to them.

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