The Perfect Home Remedy Hair Masks To Try This Quarantine


Whether it’s hair loss, flakes, dryness, or fading – we all experience hair problems. The change in weather, dust, indoor heat and hot hair tools are only some of the reasons that can cause these issues. Fortunately, you don’t have to add yet another hair product to your Amazon card: You can walk to your kitchen for everyday ingredients that you can mix into a DIY hair mask.

Hair masks are handy in adding strength, moisture, shine, and softness to your hair. They provide a deep diffusion of nutrients needed for hair growth, thickening and nourishment.  

Do-it-yourself hair treatments such as masks give you power over what you’re placing on your scalp and strands. They are also a lot of fun as you can experiment with various natural ingredients such as essential oils, fruits and organic extracts. To promote efficiency, use the below recipes weekly.

Tip: Do not use if you are allergic to anything that we are using below. 

Organic Recipe for Thicker Hair

Use this all-natural conditioner to elevate the volume on those delicate locks using plain, beaten egg with mayonnaise. To enhance moisture, blend in olive oil and a little honey (about one TBSP each). 

Let this sit on your head for half an hour and wash it out with shampoo. Remember that this recipe has lots of protein, that can make the hair hard and stiff. It is essential that after shampooing, you use with a moisturizing conditioner. This ensures that you won’t encounter dryness that can lead to hair damage.

Nourishing and Thickening Recipe

Take one banana and mash it, forming a thick consistency. Mix in one egg, and combine until smooth. Use a hand mixer if feasible. Add one-half cup of flat beer, then one TBSP of honey, and mix for a smooth consistency. Apply the conditioning mask liberally to ensure that you’ve applied to the scalp and all of your hair. Let this rest on your hair for an hour and then use a pure shampoo when waiting to wash out.

De-Frizz Recipe

Do your curls have frizz? Don’t get paranoid. This recipe is sure to have those frizzies controlled in no time! To make this de-frizz mask take 1/2 cup of honey, 1/2 cup of yogurt, and one TBSP of almond oil. Combine the ingredients and massage into hair from end to end. Let this rest for 20 minutes before washing out with shampoo.

Egg and Beer Homemade Hair Mask

Here’s another method that calls for beer. Why beer? Beer has qualities that help to harden thin hair, give abundance with volume, and succulence! It also includes proteins that provide shine as well as make the hair look wholesome! Take 2 egg and remove the yolk from the white. Using only the yolk, mix with about 50ML beer, guaranteeing that they are processed very well. Apply to damp hair, cover with a plastic shower cap, cover head with a towel, and relax for 30 minutes. Then shampoo your hair, rinse thoroughly, and apply a conditioner (moisturizing).

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