The Meaning & History of Nurses Pins for Graduation

The graduates of the bachelor’s degree in health and nursing receive their diplomas as part of an academic graduation ceremony. Some of them also complete other courses like the “Preclinical Care and Care” course and are therefore entitled to work as emergency or paramedics. Before that, the graduates were officially bid farewell to the world of work as part of a “Pinning and Bridging Ceremony”, while the new freshmen are welcomed to the University.

What are hard enamel pins used in Nurses Ceremony?

The embossed pin with hard enamel color inlay is the flagship of the pins. The contours of your template are extremely filigree and detailed into a copper blank.

The color inlays – the best hard enamel colors – are carefully placed in liquid form in the embossed depressions and then burned in at the highest temperatures for a long shelf life of your pins.

The qualitative fine-tuning of your hard enamel pins is done by polishing the surface, which gives them a smooth and shiny look. These pins are used for many occasions in order to appreciate people and students. Similarly, on the Graduation ceremony, these pins are awarded to them. You can get them from Enamel Pin Maker.

The first award of “Nursing Pins” in Austria

At the “Bridging and Pinning Ceremony” in mid-September, a nursing pin (traditionally known as the “diploma brooch”) was awarded for the first time in Austria in a course in health and nursing. The “pinning” of Custom Nurses Pins tradition dates back to the time of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern Western nursing. According to history, she was awarded a brooch by Queen Victoria for her work as a nurse during the Crimean War.

The graduates of the health and nursing course at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences were honored with the award of the “Pins” and taken off into the working world. The pin was designed jointly by the students and teachers of the course and illustrates the story of Florence Nightingale, the relationship to Austria, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, and nursing in general.

Farewell and greeting in a ceremony

As part of the event, the so-called “bridging” also took place, the official welcome of the new students who started their studies in health and nursing. As a welcoming gesture, they were presented with a rose based on the special cultivation of the “Florence Nightingale Rose”.

“The first ‘Bridging and Pinning Ceremony’ was a successful setting to say goodbye to our first graduates and at the same time to warmly welcome the new first-semester students to our University of Applied Sciences,” said Petra Ganaus, Head of the Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care and Nursing.

The employees in health care and nursing work around the clock with a lot of commitment and high motivation for the people who need care. Appropriate resources are required to fulfill the important tasks of this specialist group. Well-trained specialists with the appropriate skills are the basic requirement. The bachelor’s degree in health and nursing offers the ideal opportunity to acquire these basic skills.

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