The Importance of Swimming Pool Circulation


Having a fiberglass pool in your backyard can be very exciting. It can turn your backyard into a place you want to go to every time you need to relax. This doesn’t mean that maintaining a pool is easy, though. Keeping the water in the pool healthy and clean is necessary if you want to enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool in your backyard.

Unlike the water in rivers and streams which is constantly moving, water in your swimming pool is stagnant. This means that it doesn’t have the opportunity to remain clean and must be circulated to maintain your pool’s health and cleanliness. A pool circulation system is needed for this.

What happens during pool circulation?

Pool jets are necessary to ensure that the water in a pool is moving. These plastic openings present in the walls of pools release filtered water back into the pool and help to distribute chemicals such as chlorine throughout the water to promote cleanliness. They also ensure that the water level in the pool is maintained at a point above the skimmer so that it may be pushed through the filter.

Water is sucked in by a pump through a skimmer and passed through to a filter. The filter purifies the water through debris removal and other contaminants, even at the molecular level (based on the type of filter chosen).

Once purified, the water is pushed back into the pool via the pool jets along the pool wall. This simple pool circulation process is something you need to invest in if you want a clean and healthy pool.

Why is swimming pool circulation important? 

There are many reasons why swimming pool circulation is important, some of which are:

It is necessary for the filtration of pool water

Pool water needs to be filtered in order for it to be clean. Over time, debris, dust, leaves, and other contaminants settle on the pool water. These can be effective removed through an efficient pool circulation system. The pumps help to suck in the water and the filter present is responsible for purifying the water before pool jets release the water into the pool again. Skimming helps to create movement on the surface of water. Pool vacuums prevent piling up of debris at the bottom of your swimming pool, thereby helping to maintain clean water in the pool.  

It helps to disinfect pool water properly 

If you want your pool to be a place where your full family can get together and enjoy themselves, you need to disinfect your swimming pool water. Different people being in the pool means that bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses may be brought in by swimmers. Algae can also be present in your pool. Proper disinfection of your swimming pool using the right chemicals is necessary for safety. Common methods of disinfecting your swimming pool are: 

Using chlorine
Using an electrolysis-based system
Using a UV lamp   

Pouring chemicals into one spot isn’t going to help disinfect your entire pool though. If you want to ensure you’re disinfecting your pool the correct way, you need to make use of a pool circulation system so that the chemicals may be dispersed throughout the water and kill the bacteria, viruses, and other germs that may be making your pool water unsafe.  

It promotes the health of your swimming pool 

A swimming pool circulation system helps to clean pool water as well as disperse disinfectants throughout the water. These 2 processes are crucial to maintaining the health of your swimming pool. 

It keeps your family members safe 

Unclean water poses a health risk for your family members. The presence of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the swimming pool water can result in illness and may even contribute to the spread of disease. By ensuring that your pool is fitted with an efficient pool circulation system, you’ll be making sure that you don’t put your family at risk of developing illness due to dirty pool water.   

It makes cleaning and maintenance easier 

Neglecting your swimming pool circulation for a long time can not only harm your health, but it can also lead to extensive damage and build-up in your swimming pool that will make maintaining it a difficult task. Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary if you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of your swimming pool. By making it easier to clean and maintain your swimming pool, circulation systems also help you avoid unnecessary costs associated with maintenance. This can help you save plenty of time and money in the long term.   

It adds to the aesthetic value of your home 

Let’s face it: nobody likes a dirty pool. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is no fun if you’re too embarrassed or scared to even use it. You want to be able to see clear water and jump into the pool with your relatives and friends whenever they come over. You want to be able to host parties in your backyard and have your guests enjoy a discussion by the pool’s side. None of this is going to be possible if you don’t have a clean, well-maintained pool. A clean, healthy pool adds to the beauty of your house and backyard and can transform your space into an enjoyable one. It can also help you to get a higher price for your property if you ever intend to sell it. Pool circulation systems are needed for this.  

For all these reasons, swimming pool circulation is important. It’ll help you achieve peace of mind knowing that your pool is regularly being cleaned and make owning a swimming pool a much more enjoyable experience for you.       

What can you do to promote better circulation? 

Now that you’re aware of why pool circulation is important, let’s go over what you can do to promote better pool circulation. 

Invest in the right equipment

Running a variable speed pump 24 hour a day will help with constant circulation and consume less energy. Single speed pumps can interrupt the working of your filter because they run at higher speeds. You also need to make sure all the other equipment needed for a pool circulation system is wisely chosen.  

Determine turnover rate

The turnover rate relates to how much time is taken for filtration of all the water in your pool. Usually, the water should pass through the system at least 3 or 4 times a day so you need to set your pool pump correctly based on how big your pool is.  

Maintain proper flow rate

Optimizing your pump’s speed based on how big your pool is will help you maintain the right flow rate for your swimming pool.  

Direct return jets properly

You need to direct your return jets in such a way that it creates a spin effect in your pool and offers better circulation. You can do this by directing your return jet downwards as well as to the opposite side if your skimmer.  

Brush dead pool regions 

Dead spots in your swimming pool refer to spots that receive poor circulation. These may be areas behind ladders, near pool steps, in crevices & cracks, and under skimmers. Manually brushing these regions will help to release contaminants into the water, allowing them to be filtered by your circulation system.

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