The Complete Guide on What to Bring to the Beach


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Nothing can be more rewarding than spending a day at the beach! A beach outing is truly one of the best you can enjoy. 

To enjoy a day at the beach, you must be prepared in advance. You need to know what to bring to the beach.

If you don’t consider all the things to bring to the beach, you will have a less enjoyable time.

Here’s what you need to take with you.

1. Beach Toys

These are especially useful if you’ll be taking young children along with you. If you want the children to enjoy their time at the beach, then bring along buckets and spades. 

They can use these tools to build sandcastles or to collect seashells. Beach toys can also be enjoyable for adults. You may want to bring a volleyball along or ping pong paddles and balls to play beach tennis.

2. Beach Towel

One of the most basic things that many beachgoers forget is their beach towel. A normal bath towel will not suffice. You want a towel that is large enough for you to lie down on. You should be able to lie on it without your body touching the sand.

We always suggest bringing an extra beach towel in case one of your friends forgets theirs. You may also wish to consider a beach blanket. This company has a great beach blanket available.

3. Shade Items

If it’s a particularly hot day, you’ll need to have some items to provide you with shade. Make sure everyone in the group has a pair of sunglasses. You also should make sure to invest in a beach umbrella.

While you may want to get a tan, you want to make sure that you don’t get sunburned. You also want to make sure you don’t damage your eyes by looking directly into the sun.

4. Protective Items

There are many protective items that you should bring to the beach. First, make sure you bring sunscreen to protect you from getting a sunburn.

You should also consider bringing a first aid kit. Unfortunately, many beaches are polluted with broken glass. If you cut yourself you want to make sure you immediately can cover your wound with a bandage.

You may also want to consider bringing hats for everyone to protect from the sun. In case it rains, make sure to bring an umbrella for everyone. If the rain is very heavy, it may be ideal to bring a poncho or raincoat with you.

5. Food and Beverages

No day at the beach is complete without adequate food and beverages. Make sure you pack food and beverages for everyone in your group. Whether you lie in the sun all day or go for a vigorous swim, you will feel peckish.

We suggest not to bring heavy foods along with you. If you plan on swimming or exercising on the beach, you may feel on a full stomach. Lighter snacks and soft drinks or low-alcohol beverages are best.

6. Chairs 

You cannot count on being able to rent or borrow beach chairs at every beach. That’s why you should always bring your own beach chairs. 

Make sure you bring two types of chairs with you. Bring beach chairs that are meant for sitting and enjoying the view. Ideally, these chairs should have cup holders so you can enjoy your drink while watching the ocean.

You should also try to bring longer beach chairs that you can lie down on. If you need to relax at the beach, there’s nothing better than long beach chairs to help you.

7. Extra Flip-Flops

If you can, bring extra flip-flops for yourself and everyone in the group. There may be a few beachgoers among your group who say they are only planning on sitting down and relaxing. Before you know it they are going for a walk or a swim. It’s best that they wear flip flops.

Flip-flops can also be washed away with strong waves. That’s why it’s always imperative to have at least one extra pair.

8. A Change of Clothes

After a long day at the beach, you may want to immediately go elsewhere before going home. Especially if you’re in a fun beach town such as Venice Beach or South Beach, you want to visit restaurants, bars, and clubs. Perhaps your beach attire won’t be the best choice.

Bring a change of clothes with you. If you plan on spending the day around town but will be back at home at night, a t-shirt and shorts will suffice. If you wish to visit the nightclubs in the evening, you may want to pack some smarter clothes with you.

9. A Backpack

You may bring your beach towel and other items in a standard tote bag but a backpack is best for an extra change of clothes, first aid kit, and other smaller items.

We suggest a small backpack that you can easily sling over your shoulder. As theft at the beach can occur, make sure you always keep an eye on your backpack. You may wish to invest in locks so that if your bag is stolen, the thief will have a harder time breaking into the bag.

Make sure the bag is of high quality. We don’t recommend buying a particularly expensive bag. Your backpack may get sand or water on or in it so you want a backpack that isn’t from a designer brand!

10. Water Bottles

We suggest bringing pre-filled plastic water bottles with you. You should also bring stainless steel water bottles with you.

Your beach may have water fountains that you can refill water in. If not, you may want to buy a few water bottles so that you don’t ever feel dehydrated. Make sure you have enough cash to purchase extra water in case.

Now You Know What to Bring to the Beach

Now that you know what to bring to the beach, we know you’ll have a stress-free and fun-filled day. Make sure you always look at this checklist before you prepare for a day-long trip to the beach.

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