Taliban shut down health clinic in Southern Kandahar

Afghan security forces sit in a Humvee vehicle on May 19 amid fighting between Taliban militants and Afghan security forces in Kunduz

Taliban militants have shut down a health clinic in Arghistan district of the southern Kandahar province in Afghanistan, locals said.

In a letter issued to the doctors and staff of the clinic posted at the gate, the Taliban warned no one can enter the clinic without permission, and violators would be punished.

Since major parts of Arghistan district has been controlled by the Taliban group over the past few years, no official was there to make comment.

However, a local, on condition of anonymity, said the Taliban had closed down the clinic on the “ground of male doctors working with women,” adding that the Taliban did not allow sick women to visit the clinic unless accompanied by a close relative.

To keep the government officials and security forces away from the district, the Taliban militants, according to locals, have planted mines on the roads, besides bulldozing major roads and streets leading to provincial capital Kandahar city. 

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