Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020

Love and Relationships

This week will be just lucky for single ones! We all have that one teenage crush with whom we used to share seats in the school bus or rickshaw. That special crush will come back to your life while you are at a short-distance journey. Be ready as that old-time and nostalgic love may come again in your life! You may also go on a date and a love relationship may initiate from there. Married couples will have a whale of a time together! They will like to vibrantly explore and enjoy their married life. Planetary movement is in support of your wish to develop a meaningful relationship.


Great news for Scorpios regarding education this week! There is a powerful and favorable influence of enormous Sun and artful Mars over the fifth house which is chiefly related to education. This time will be beneficial and progressive for students completing graduation as they will be able to study well and remember topics more easily. Those who are presently doing post graduation will look for quick ways to earn more bucks. Be careful not to take up unlawful and wrong ways to make money. Always remember, bad deeds never go away. Don’t waste time and focus on your studies to have a better future.


Although no serious health problem seems to be troubling you this week, slow and improper digestion can bother you. It is very important to fix your time for meals and sleep. In this way, our digestive system remains balanced and healthy. Don’t stay up late at night and eat loaded dinner. It is highly advisable to do regular exercise every morning in order to stay as fit as a flea. The movement and effect of planet Mars over Scorpio sign suggests that you may get hurt on the lower part of your boy. Be mindful of where you step and be safe from any injuries.


The movement of the planets is not much in the favour regarding money and finance. Income will decrease but don’t try to take up the wrong ways to earn money. Breaking the law can cost you more than you can ever payback. Try to discover new and lawful steps to increase your earnings. Work hard and honestly to receive financial benefits. You may indulge more than required in habitual and daily expenses as per Mars influence over the 12th house. Try to cut them down and have control over your pockets. Savings will benefit you in the future.


Good news! Sun holds a strong portfolio of the tenth house which is related to work i.e. ‘karma’. The current movement of planets suggests this is a very productive and profitable time for people in the business. Even though a short-timed work-related journey may not produce positive results, but you may stumble upon an astounding opportunity for a major deal. This deal can be very lucrative. Employees will feel encouraged and inspired to achieve goals on time! A long-awaited incentive of a work efficiently done earlier can surprise you. Be patient.

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