Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th August, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will be under pressure from their loved one to get married as soon as possible. For some reason or the other, and mainly their financial constraints, they will delay getting married. They will be mutually convinced, getting married during this time will not be a wise idea. They will need to work harder, get financially stable and then get married! Middle-aged and older individuals will remain distressed with some issue within the family. Do not make it an ego issue and stretch things too far. You will need to have a malleable attitude and accommodate everyone’s opinions. This will retain harmony within the family.


Students pursuing graduation will not be very focused upon academics. Instead, they will remain busy dwindling their time in social activities. This may adversely affect their overall progress. They must devote proper time for studies, otherwise their entire learning process will come to a grinding halt. The most important thing for students pursuing post-graduation will be to listen attentively to their professors and teachers. Advice given by them will be its weight in gold! Tips given by their professors will prove to be extremely profitable during examination time. Students are advised to inculcate a habit of practising meditation during times of stress.


You will need to be very careful with matters pertaining to your health and well-being. Your digestive system will be prone to various issues. Avoid eating junk food. You must absolutely refrain from having heavy late night dinners. This will certainly create an imbalance with your biological clock, thereby disturbing your digestive system functions. Light cardiovascular exercises and jogging in the morning will help you physically fit throughout the week. Mars has a strong influence upon your sign during this period. Due to this, there is a distinct possibility of getting injured on the lower part of your body. Precaution will be the key factor.


This week has made a mixed bag of fruits to offer for matters pertaining to your finance and money. If you are unable to generate sufficient finances through your current source, we advise you to be on the lookout for new avenues for doing the same. Be consistent with your work and do not shy away from taking new challenges head-on. This will certainly result in an increased financial inflow. The mighty Sun, along with Mercury move through the eleventh house, which will ensure a monetary gain. Financial gains will enliven your spirits and you will become very optimistic about your future financial prospects.


Businessmen will be positively motivated to strike a major deal during this week. Competition, during this week, will be stiff. Instead of worrying over it, you could think about reformulating your strategies and tweaking your business plans. Something as simple as lowering your profit margins temporarily could lift your sales! Short business trips will not seem to be very profitable initially. However, being consistent with your trips will prove to be profitable in the future. Salaried employees will need to invest their best efforts. Those intending to change their jobs to a better-paying one will need to wait for a more favourable time.

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