Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 9th – 15th Aug, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will be literally yearning to enjoy the pleasures of physical intimacy with their new found love. However, the partner being more mature, will insist on getting married prior doing so. This will enable them to enjoy the joys of physical intimacy to the fullest without any restrictions. They will start making due arrangements and their wedding bells will soon ring! Married couples will face slight adjustment issues. They will constantly feel as if their partner is non-responsive. The only solution to this issue is to spend a lot of quality time with each other, sans expectations. This will reinstate the romance back in your life!


This week does not seem to be very bright for matters related to academics. Students pursuing graduation will not be able to focus and concentrate properly. They will not feel like studying at all! They will start looking for suitable employment opportunities to start earning money. We advise students to complete their graduation prior going on a job hunt. The most important thing for students pursuing higher education will be to listen attentively to their professors and teachers. Advice given by them will be its weight in gold! Tips given by their professors will prove to be extremely profitable during examination time.


The planet Jupiter is the ruler of your sign. Jupiter is seen transitioning through your second house with the negatively influenced Saturn. The movement of these two major planets is not going to be very positive for matters related to your health and fitness. With this in mind, you will need to be very careful about matters pertaining to every aspect of your fitness. People middle aged and above will need to be very careful about any ailments that they had been suffering from in the past. Regular body check-ups and a close eye over blood pressure and sugar levels will certainly be helpful.


Two major planets are seen transitioning through your second house. The influence of these planets is going to positively affect your spirit! You will be brimming with enthusiasm and vigour to do something majorly fruitful. The foundation of this new venture will certainly prove to be amazingly profitable in course of time. You will be prepared to face challenges head on! Nothing is going to steer you off your road to success! Be prepared to face some unexpected expenses with regards to your family during this period. Always have contingency funds available for emergencies. Perseverance, hard work and enthusiasm will be key factors this week.


Planetary influences are very positive for matters pertaining to your career growth and business. Businessmen will be able to negotiate a major deal during this week. The deal will also be finalized in a short time! Businessmen will be very careful about every aspect of this deal and will ensure its success. This will positively affect their reputation and will substantially strengthen their financial stability as well. Salaried employees will remain focused upon deliverance of better work output. This will be appreciated by everyone around them and their position within the organisation will remain secured. All in all, the week seems to be very positive.

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