Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles ones will be more than excited to experience erotic, sensual pleasures of bodily closeness with someone new. But your partner won’t partake at first. You will have to give assurance, security and promises for a long-lasting relationship. Are you married? Then you may have to take your partner out for a movie and dinner. If a dispute or row happens between you and someone close then don’t continue fighting. Instead, try to resolve the issue at the earliest. Remember, if you give respect then people will respect you. It’s as simple as that.


Graduating students will receive a lucrative job opportunity. It will provide you with sufficient income to satisfy your necessities. Due to this, you won’t be able to give enough concentration and focus on studies. Make sure to take out sufficient time to study otherwise it will hinder your future prospects. Although it will be a great time for students doing post-graduation. As they may get a part-time job opportunity or part-time project which will provide you with an adequate amount of money to pay college fees. You may also receive important tips from your teacher which will help you understand topics swiftly and make progress.


Not so good news for Sagittariuses. The movement of the planets warns that a serious and big health problem can cause you agony and trouble. It is highly advisable to not waste time when you start feeling the initial symptoms. Immediately go and visit a physician. Home remedies can cause more problems, so take an expert’s help. It may take some time but the problem will be resolved. Develop a good habit of waking up at every sunrise and going for a walk. Join a gym or go for a jog at your park.


It’s time to make merry for Sagittariuses! The planet Saturn rules the second house which is directly related to finance and money. Presently, Saturn is passing through the second house beside a weakening Jupiter. This movement indicates that you will become more shrewd and far-sighted while handling finance and money-related problems. The movement of the planets also suggests that you may get your hands on an amazing offer or deal! Household and family-related expenses will increase and you may get anxious because of it. So, keep control over spending too much money on these matters.


The movement of the planets suggests that people in business may get lucky and receive a high-ticket offer! But they will have to keep their orders in to punctually provide the products otherwise it will affect your name. Encourage your employees and staff. Keep them motivated and optimistic. Make sure to check on the well-being and health of your employees and staff members. Job holders will improve in productivity, punctuality and efficiency this week. You will be able to perform better than expected by your seniors which will make you feel confident and happy.

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