Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th August, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles will be on a lookout for another likeminded person of the opposite sex to enjoy pleasures of physical intimacy. Planetary influences will support singles in their search. Singles will be able to find a partner and will be able to enjoy what they were looking forward to. Middle-aged individuals will remain distressed due to an issue going on within the family. Do not enter into aggressive and futile arguments. Your prime objective during such a time should be to retain the peace and harmony within the family. Married couples will be considerate with each other and will have a romantic week!


This is going to be an action-packed week for students as far as their academic progress is concerned. Students pursuing graduation will hunt for shortcuts to remember important topics during an examination. Some of you will want to leave your studies midway and search for an employment opportunity to start earning money at the earliest. We must say, it is not a wise idea. Students must remain focused to get a proper grasp of things that they require to learn. Those pursuing higher education will get invaluable tips from their seniors which will help them score brilliantly during examinations. Consistent effort will be the key factor.


Matters pertaining to your health and well-being are not very bright. The planet Jupiter is the ruler of your sign. Jupiter is seen moving with a strong and negatively influenced Saturn. This is, in no way, good news. There is a distinct possibility of facing some major health issue. We advise you to visit your physician immediately upon any sign of discomfort. Be regular with whatever medications are prescribed to you to get rid of all such illnesses as quickly as possible. Avoid junk food to keep your digestive system in order. Daily morning exercises and regular body check-ups will help keep you physically fit.


This is going to be a very stable week as far as matters pertaining to your money and finance are concerned. The transition of Saturn through the second house will make you much wiser at handling matters related with money. You will be able to think of new strategies for earning money. Your thought maturity will help you take all the correct decisions at the correct time! This will certainly ensure a legitimate increase in your financial inflow. There is a distinct possibility of incurring major expenses related to your family. Do not take your financial stability for granted and curtail unwanted expenses wherever you can.


Current planetary influences ensure a very bright growth in terms of your career and business. Businessmen will need to persevere and work hard. Those dealing with Government or semi-government organisations will be able to enter into a long term contract which will prove to be profitable in the future. Those dealing in industrial products will implement a very wise strategy which will boost their sales considerably! Businessmen will be successful in attaining their sales targets this week. Salaried employees will remain committed at work and will give their best efforts. They will be able to deliver what is expected of them within the stipulated time.

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