Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd August, 2020

Love and Relationships

The week is going to be absolutely fantastic for singles. They will be physically attracted to a long-time friend of the opposite sex. They will express their desire for getting intimately close with their partner. After some hesitation, both will agree to give in to their desires of enjoying physical intimacy. They are in for an intimate treat. Both will have an excellent time together which they will cherish and remember forever. There is a distinct possibility of some issues regarding the elders of the family that will keep you negatively disturbed. Do not enter into futile arguments with them and aim at keeping them satisfied.


Students pursuing final year of graduation in either science or information technology related subjects will be confident in everything they do. They will make encouraging progress. Students will retain their focus and concentration on studies and will remain attentive during class. They will be able to learn and memorize effectively. The most important thing for students pursuing higher education will be to listen attentively to their teachers. Advice given by them will be its weight in gold! Tips given by their professors will prove to be extremely profitable during examination time. Students are advised to inculcate a habit of practicing meditation during times of stress.


You will need to be very cautious with matters pertaining to your health and well-being during this week. You will be troubled by a pain in the joints of your body. Treating yourself by taking painkillers everyday will only worsen the situation. We advise that you visit an orthopaedic doctor as soon as you can. Upon taking medications as prescribed by the doctor, the discomfort will gradually go away. There is also a probability of developing some issues with your digestive system. We recommend that you exercise daily to keep yourself fit. No major health issues are foreseen during this week.


The planet Saturn is ruling your second house, which is basically linked with matters pertaining to finance and money. Saturn is seen transitioning through your second house along with a negatively affected Jupiter. The movement of these two major planets indicate a major financial gain in the near future. Although, this will not come easy. A lot of hard work will be required to attain success. You will need to accept the challenges head-on. Do not shy away from doing or attempting something new. Be consistent with your work. This week ensures that your financial situation will remain in top-notch condition.


The week seems to be brilliant for your overall career growth as well as business. However, success never comes easy. A lot of hard work will be required for you to meet your financial goals. Planetary movements will ensure that businessmen will remain busy negotiating various profitable deals. Although, a materialization of such deals may take some time due to various reasons. We advise businessmen to persevere and be patient. They should neither be disheartened, nor lose patience under any circumstances! Salaried employees will perform very effectively at work. They may even be offered a better and a more responsible post, along with a salary raise.

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