Reasons to Buy a Bunk Bed


If you are in the process of buying a new bed for your child, you may wish to consider bunk beds. Bunk beds are particularly well suited to households where more than one child shares a room. If your children are sharing a room together, bunk beds are the most stylish and safest way to save space. While you may have to deal with arguments about who gets the top bunk, this popular style of bed can also be cheaper than purchasing two separate ones. Some parents may also opt for bunk beds to cater for sleepovers or to encourage sibling bonding. To help make your choice a little easier, we have rounded up some of the most popular reasons to buy a bunk bed.

Extra Space

It should come as no surprise that bunk beds provide extra space. If your children share a fairly small room, two individual single beds can make it feel very cluttered especially if you have to fit in wardrobes and toys as well. A cluttered bedroom can also lead to more bickering and less sleep for both you and the kids. Bunk beds eliminate this issue as you will benefit from far more floor space. This way, you can easily keep the room clean and tidy, without it feeling overcrowded.

Save Money

You may not have realised this but bunk beds are often far cheaper than buying two separate beds. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, it’s always nice to save some extra cash for a rainy day. Sometimes, you can save up to half the amount of two beds.

Promotes Bonding

Perhaps your little one is struggling to sleep in a separate room or maybe you are still having issues with sibling rivalry. Either way, bunk beds encourage bonding. Younger children may feel more settled sharing a room with an older sibling rather than being on their own. Bunk beds also create a more social experience and make siblings feel more connected. They can tell stories to each other, take turns on having the top bunk, and play games from their bed. This is also a great way to develop their social skills.

Provides Privacy

While your kids can have a great time bonding and chatting in their new bunks, this type of bed also defines a private space for them. It is often difficult to find privacy when sleeping in two individual single beds. Bunk beds, on the other hand, provides both children with their own space to kick back and relax without feeling watched.

Fun Design Opportunities

If you are a creative parent, you will probably appreciate the different shapes and styles on offer. From unique playhouse style beds complete with slides to quirky campervan bunk beds, there is something to suit everyone. Choose a bed to match your colour themes or one that includes lots of storage space. You may want to get your kids involved too. This way they feel included in the decision and will enjoy their new bed once it arrives.

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