Planning a Car Showroom

Car showrooms are high-pressure environments. They need to be planned out in just the right way to convert browsers to buyers. After all, a car is one of the most expensive purchases that a person is going to make in their life and creating the right environment to make that sale is essential. 

Choose Your Site Well

First, the correct site needs to be chosen. Car showrooms are best in sites that are highly visible, displaying the merchandise to passing customers and people who have specifically sought out the showroom. They also tend to have plenty of room outside for the cars. A portable garage is often used to add an extra layer of protection to the vehicles. As for the showroom itself, this is usually an environment with plenty of glass to make the cars as visible as possible. If you are planning on building one from scratch, you may also want to think about the way that the building is orientated to ensure plenty of light shines through.

Light the Way

Like all other retail environments, the lighting is another essential feature of a car showroom. Many use rooflights or skylights to utilize as much natural light as possible. At the same time, the artificial light also needs to be well thought out. Many car showrooms use a spotlight-style lighting system to make sure that the vehicles enjoy a high level of visibility. This is also important from a security point of view. With so much expensive stock on offer, lighting is the first defence in protecting your stock, along with CCTV, movement tracking, an alarm system, etc. Other security measures tend to be more discreet such as guard railings and bollards, which help to enhance the protection of the building without damaging its visual appeal.

Consider Traffic Flow

The showroom also needs to be displayed in such a way that encourages good traffic flow. Vehicles will be coming and going from the showroom on a regular basis as they are taken out on test drives and bought by customers. Also, cars will be dropped off for service and delivery. You don’t want to create any unnecessary traffic pileups, which will also serve to damage the image of the showroom. It needs to look like a smooth operation and not one that brings negative connotations to people’s minds.

A Clean Environment 

While car showrooms tend to be spacious environments anyway, there are extra considerations to make in the age of coronavirus. You need to make sure that everything is adequately spaced out and you need to have a system in place that allows for a proper cleaning of cars after they have been out for a test drive.

When creating a car showroom, the planning stage is vitally important to ensure that it is set up in a way that encourages the maximum number of sales, while also protecting your stock. It also needs to allow for the regular movement of vehicles, while remaining a protected and hygienic environment for the modern age we live in.

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