Places to Visit Around LA: Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley

Santa Clarita is situated north of Los Angeles, in the lovely region north of the San Fernando Valley. It is becoming a favourite place for travelers to southern California to stay and play. If you are looking for that small-town feeling, while being just half an hour from Los Angeles, this is the place for you.

Santa Clarita offers an unbelievable Southern California lifestyle with countless opportunities to get outside and savor the sunshine while running, hiking, biking, and swimming. This small town is a perfect blend of parks, hiking trails, open spaces, and lakes. There are several seasonal festivals, sporting events, summer concerts, and cultural activities in this region. You can reach Santa Clarita by train, car, and subway. It is located just 30 minutes north of Los Angeles, and a 20-minute drive from Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Here are places to explore in this wonderful town.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a 262-acre theme park situated in the Valencia neighborhood of Santa Clarita. International travelers, Adrenaline enthusiasts, California locals, and families, all fly to Six Flags Magic Mountain many times every year for incredible thrills. Home to heart-pounding coasters and draws such as X2, Goliath, and Tatsu, there’s no greater way to enjoy the day than at this California park. Here, you can fly through a post-apocalyptic wasteland on a high-speed coaster that drops from under 100 feet. You can also take up High-flying – the pirate ship Buccaneer that sets sail on a course for excitement. Don’t forget to try RIDDLER’S Revenge. This stand-up coaster is the highest & fastest of its kind with corkscrews, loops, and drops.

Before you visit six Flags Magic Mountain, prepare yourself properly. Carry a waterproof bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, and your Valid ID (to confirm your age if you have a baby face). Enjoy the water rides early in the day. You’ll get soaked first, and everything will evaporate as the day goes on. After enduring the might of Magic Mountain’s roller coasters, rides, and entertainment, you’ll work up quite an appetite. Comes Full Throttle Sports Bar. The eatery is adorned like a standard sports bar with several beers on tap, multiple TVs, and sports memorabilia.

Central Park

The City’s “crown jewel,” Central Park, houses a mixture of facilities including baseball/softball diamonds, playing fields, community garden, Central Bark Dog Park (Woof), and a local cross country course providing an excellent location for the valley’s local high school and college athletes to train and hold meets. You can bring your children here to play American style baseball. For adventure seekers, a 3.1-mile cross country trail is situated within Central Park with accessible parking. It has also proven to be a trendy location for casual day hiking, bike riding, and dog walking right in the heart of town. A new addition to the course, the Central Park Trail, joins Central Park to Newhall Ranch Road. These tracks are open for everyone’s use except during restricted hours, which are reserved for races. Carry your camera and your dog for wholesome family time. Keep your trekking shoes on.

Quigley Canyon

The Quigley Canyon Open Space is situated in a Newhall community known for its equestrian ranch-style homes, dirt roads, and trails throughout. It is common to see the locals riding down the street on their horses here. In the last decade, the trails in this canyon were renovated, adding four separate paths that total approximately 4.1 miles, offering natural 360-degree views and surging slopes in differing degrees of difficulty. You can start in a vast field and head off through oak trees and then head up the mountain’s side. This hike will take you to a viewpoint where you have pictures of the Santa Clarita Valley. Before you visit, know your strength and choose one of the four paths based on your expertise level.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park: The Flintstones, Blazing Saddles, and Star Trek was shot here. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is a climactic desert wonderland, with stunning rock formations that point skyward at a 45-degree angle. This Los Angeles County Park delivers a spectacular desert backdrop for hikers. It is a short drive away from LA. This blend of unparalleled beauty and approachability has made Vasquez Rocks an accessible location for the film industry. Numerous hikes are feasible in Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park. For something quick, you can take a half-mile journey to Famous Rocks, the most recognizable rock formation in the park. The Pacific Crest Trail spans the park and can be combined with a Foot Trail to form a 3.4-mile loop with 300+ feet of altitude change. The loop passes through dramatic sandstone formations and presents excellent views of the park. For history enthusiasts, over fifteen million years ago, these rock structures were shaped by earthquakes along the Elkhorn Fault.

Castaic Lake

Castaic Lake is a reservoir built on Castaic Creek, in the Sierra Pelona Mountains. Several World record fish were detected at Castaic Lake. Castaic Lake is the largest state water project reservoir in Southern California and includes over 11,200 total acres of open space habitat and parkland. In Castaic Lake, you can enjoy world-class fishing, boating, walking, hiking, wakeboarding, horseback riding, camping, jet-skiing, picnicking, sailing, and kayaking.

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